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  1. Most of my airsofting fields don't have any special requirements when it comes to camo unless they are running a special event. Even if so, they usually allow Multicam. I may re-think the positioning of the holster, and may reconsider on more versatile gear, if it can fit my price cap.
  2. Actually I have some background knowledge on some basic military tactics that I actually apply into airsoft since I am in an ROTC program and I have friends that are in/was in the service. For the drop leg platforms, I am more used to drawing pistols from my leg then from anywhere else of my body. I also tend to put extra pistol mag pouches on the other side. For the plate carrier, again, I am more used to a more bulkier and that plate carrier is a more economical option since it comes with pouches. I would have gone for their JPCs, but since this PC comes with pouches so I'm going for this one. For the Camo, I chose multicam because it is widely used, generally accepted into milsim, usually cheap, and works with a lot of colors when it comes to gear. Another point I should I should mention, I will actually be using the Hydration pack and knee pads for hunting, hiking and other outdoor activity.
  3. I am just so used to using M4s and AKs and I want to mixed things up a bit.
  4. I have just recently started airsofting and I have decided to spend some time into this sport. Currently, I'm updating my current gear and I listed some of the gear below that I'm going to be purchasing for my 2nd line. I needed it to be within my price range ($ Range caps off at $400) and yet it has to be strong enough last for a couple of years. I am looking for suggestions for belts that I can attach drop legs and extra pouches, hydration packs that can store extra stuff ------------------ 2nd Line ------------------ -Flyye MOLLE Style PC Plate Carrier with Pouch Set(Size S- option) Coyote Brown $115 -TYR Tactical® Hydration Pouch - 70oz Vertical $35.95 (Replace with suggestion) -Flyye Molle Drop Leg Accessories Pouch(CB) $28.90 -Flyye MOLLE Versatile Holster (CB) $25.40 -CM Strike Steel Mesh Half Face Mask (khaki) $8 -Flyye Medical First Aid Kit Pouch Ver.FE (CB) $14.20 -Flyye MOLLE Short Radio Pouch (CB) $8.20 -MASSIF OCP Multicam Army Combat Shirt - Flame Resistant (XS) $26.99 -Tru-Spec Multicam NYCO ripstop classic 6 pocket BDU pants Mens M long $54.95 -ALTAFLEX KNEE PADS COYOTE TAN $26.99 -Arena Industries Flakjak Tactical Goggles - Coyote (Grey Lens) $28.99 -FMA Fast Tactical Helmet Desert $48.99 -Belt?
  5. If I were you, I would go for Flyye, Pantac or MODI gear. They're durable and since you are new, it won't cost you an arm or leg. A good rule of thumb is to avoid brands such as Emerson, TMC, Matrix, ACM, Lancer Tactical, Voodoo Tactical, Phantom, and Condor, though some of these companies are better than others.
  6. Anyone has any opinions on the ARX-160 Elite? I was thinking of getting it for awhile now. Also, I have a $280 Budget for an airsoft assault rifle and another $150 for batteries mags and other attachments if you suggest anything else. However I should note that I am not interested in AKs, or anything that looks like an M4, I need something that has a bit of a 'unique' external look to it (FALs & Tavors are a no-go for me however).
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