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  1. Hello, I have a gbbr that leaks. When I fill the mag with gas it stays filled but when I put the mag into my gun it starts to leak. Any clue on how to fix this? I don't have another mag to test it with. Thanks
  2. Hi guys I need a little help here. So when I pull my trigger it feels like its not pushing the tigger trolly forward at all. So the only pressure I can feel is that of the triggers spring. Its a really light trigger pull. When I take the gearbox apart and put it back together and pull the trigger I can feel it pulling the trolly but it doesn't cycle all the way and after the first pull of the trigger it sticks again. Did my trigger break and its not long enough? Thanks
  3. It is isnt cycling all the way. So it sounds like the battery is dead but you can almost get a cycle from it but you cant.
  4. Yup I didn't add heat shrink to the motor connectors so that probably happened. Thanks!
  5. So just put a new mosfet in and I should be good or do I have to do some other stuff too?
  6. Is that why it will just stop randomly and then start working 20 minutes later? Why does my piston keep stoping mid shot and not returning? Is that because of my shorts and it just doesn't finish its cycle?
  7. But will I get around 35 rps with that? And I don't really want to go buy another motor. The Zardichar mosfet should be able to handle my battery right?
  8. Hey my airsoft gun has been causing me lots of problems. My gearbox is made up of: SHS high speed motor SHS 12:1 high speed gears Maddog high performance full metal tooth pistonZCI m120 spring Zardichar mosfet (I was thinking this is the problem maybe?!) Turnigy 2200mAh 3s 20c lipo I shimmed it next to perfect and corrected the aoe. I changed it all to deans. So heres whats happened. Last year in the fall I had some random mosfet in it and it stopped working so I bought the Zardichar mosfet and rewired the whole gun. I didn't shoot it in the winter because it was in pieces. I put it together and installed the SHS high speed motor, SHS 12:1 high speed gears, SHS full metal tooth piston and I had a m90 spring in it. I was getting around 35 rps or something like that and my piston broke (I think because of pre engagement) so I ordered the Maddog high performance full metal tooth piston. I went and put my stock motor in because my SHS motor was getting really hot. I went out and played and the first game it stopped shooting. I could press the trigger and I could feel it making contact but it just wasn't shooting. I took a look at it when I got home the piston was pulled all the way back and it wasn't releasing. I bought the ZCI m120 spring today and put it in and put my SHS high speed motor back in. It seemed to be working until it just stopped, again. I let it sit there for like 20 minutes and then it worked again so I was adjusting the motor height and it just started shooting full auto. It was shooting for about 10 seconds when it started smoking and just shut down . I tried unplugging it but I didn't want to get burned so I just let it sit there. All the wire is burnt and fused together and the mosfet is destroyed. The piston is back like how it was when I was playing a couple of days ago. Any advise on what it is and why its doing all that? Thank in advance.
  9. Are the ak mags mid caps or hi caps? how much for them?
  10. Do you still have the Pmags? what brand are the grey and tan ones?
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