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  1. At work I would have gladly ditched my PC for a war belt setup, and would have considered trading my children to be able to wear a war belt based duty rig. Back then I was told what I had to carry, now I carry what I need (and it's all in my purse :P ). Run what works, ignore what other people think about it. Usually I wear a war belt with a holster, 3 SMG mag pouches for 50 rnd 1911 mags, lightsticks as needed for IFF, and maybe a couple of Thunder Bs if I'm feeling loud. If forced to carry a long gun I'll grab a similar belt with 5 M4 and 2 double stack pistol pouches. The only reason I wear a vest now is to up armor my chest. Getting shot in the boobs hurts! But then I rarely do anything but haunt the CQC field.
  2. Or just find someone who is good at sewing to modify it for you.
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