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  1. I've been searching most of the HK retail shops, but I was hoping someone had an old one they would get rid of. Alternative would be FN trade marks
  2. Hey guys. I'm an older airsoft player from the 2003-2010 era. I used to be very active on this forum, but took a long break. Most of my collection (Guns and gear) was slowly sold off or given away. I did make an occasional come back for some Lion claw games, my last airsoft games was Lion Claw 10 and Lion Claw 11 (Mcknights last California game). Has airsoft really changed in the past few years? It looks like I missed out on a Krytac hype, that's all I'm seeing on Youtube and most airsoft shops. Are P*s still a threat for us AEG uses? GBB rifles was the new craze before I left. Are there any reliable GBB rifles that can keep up with AEGs? I asked a few local airsoft shop, but it felt like they just wanted to sell me a rifle.
  3. More specifically, it's a first generation PGC Prowin V2 Mechbox. I've had luck with Hurricane, Guarder, G&P and more recently, Madbull receivers. My gun has been in storage for the past few years since I've been over seas, but now I'm back and noticed my receiver is cracked.
  4. Good point. I havnt been in the forums in a long time. I need this for a version 2 gearbox.
  5. Looking for an AEG metal receiver M16A3 or M16A4. I might settle for an M4A1 aswell. MUST have engraved colt tradmarks! Im trying to replicate a military issued rifle. PM me with pictures and a price. Looking to spend $50ish, but can negotiate.
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