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  1. Being that this is Airsoft, you cannot apply American Consumerism to it. It does not apply.


    They are not made to a Standard and by different companies by their own design. It is a toy that was designed in house by assorted Japanese companies. Then they were copied and tweeked by assorted Taiwanese then Chinese companies.


    To not infringe on each others designs, they made their own.


    Thanks for the answer, but then what about the situation with aegs? most overall use tokyo marui style gearboxes

  2. So I've seen trying to get some shs bearings and bearing spring guides, airsoft gogo from what ive researched has been used before and is slightly cheaper than other competitors. However theyre in hong kong and it takes forever to get to Maryland where I am. Should I risk it or just go with slightly more expensive options but with companies ive heard of




    thats the site

  3. Same made in China pot metal. The extra thickness of the AD barrel doesn't amount to much because the weakest link is still at the thinnest area which are the threads. I'd say the only real difference is aesthetics: the first following what a chopped down AR barrel would look like while the second looks more suitable for suppressed Honey Badger-esque builds.


    What would you suggest?

  4. So I was thinking of getting a stubby barrel for my m4 trying to get it as short as possible but still having threads. Right now I'm eyeing out these two.






    The Matrix one is small but the way it gets small at the end I don't like.


    The AD one is a company I've never heard of before but the way the barrel looks I like it more.


    So which would you recommend?

  5. So I play cqb and need a flashlight, preferably something that already comes with a pressure switch and a rail mount. I'm eyeing out this aim sports one, 180 lumens but there are also these other generic brands on ebay and amazon that seem good too. They tend to put the max lumens the bulb is rated for but not the actual lumens that it will run at. Theyre a lot cheaper but I'm not sure how bright they will run. I also found this UTG one that runs at 95 lumens, however I'm not sure if thats bright enough


    Aim Sports:


    http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/251930433094?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT




    http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/NEW-Tactical-Flash-light-integral-rail-mount-pressure-switch-UTG-LT-TL101-XENON-/272197674567?hash=item3f603ee647:g:rIkAAOSwRLZUGGaN

  6. So the JG VZ61 is a great gun but getting all the stuff I want goes over the 100 dollar limit that I have. I play cqb and the fps limit is 300 with .25s. The tri shot, I can get all I need under 100. I can pay the the extra money needed to buy the vz61. The place is semi only.

  7. If you really want fun with a Glock, make it a GBB. If you insist on an AEP, get two with extended mags.

    The VZ on the other hand isn't all that much bigger than a full sized pistol and can still easily be used as a secondary in a thigh holster. It also has a slightly larger cylinder volume so fps is higher than AEP pistols and extends its usefulness to mid range field work.


    alright when then ill probably get the vz61, and while the question is being asked, what mag pouch would fit best for the vz61?

  8. Both being being cheap guns, it'll be fun to buy either one, I can actually buy one or the other but I can't really decide, a scorpion would be nice but kinda big for a sidearm, I play cqb so I could use it as a primary because the fps limit is 300. However with the glock I can have my m4 with me. Both seem reliable and will probably last a while on me.

  9. So I've been checking evike on this drum mag for m4/m16. I tried to search up the company to see if anyone else has used it before. The company name rarely ever showed up and I couldnt find anyone that has used it before other than the 2 reviews on Evike. It seems good but me being a noob at airsoft, I wanna make sure I don't set myself up for disaster


    Heres the mag:



  10. So I was looking at the Dboys 500 rd mag in airsoft gi for $13.24 but on Evike they have a Matrix 500 rd mag for $13. I know both are not the greatest quality but they both feed well and have good reviews. Dboys mag doesnt have as many reviews as the Evike mag however. Shipping will be cheaper on Evike which is why I'm eyeing it out. Which is better?







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