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  1. I'm looking for a good torque motor that is also fairly cheap. If they can be broken down to make a frankentorque or something, that is a plus. I was looking at : Matrix Magnum High Torque JG Gold Eagle ASG Ultimate U-18000 28TPA ZCI High Torque Golden Eagle 22TPA High Torque I don't know if any of them are bad. I have heard good things about the ASG Ultimate and the Matrix Magnum, though. I'm going to use Lancer Tactical 16:1 High Speed by SHS, JG upgraded piston set, Modify Low Resistance switch&wire assembly, and a Madbull M100 AEG spring. Are any of these not recommended to use? If I wanted to, could I simply put in an M130 spring with what I have right now? (I have a steel spring guide and reinforced gearbox)
  2. These are both aftermarket parts. Nothing is in the way and I also think I need modification. There's mold lines in this receiver, and that's possibly why there's fitment issues? I already filed away a little bit when the GB had to be stuffed in. Just trying to make sure I don't ruin it.
  3. I'm having some trouble getting my Lonex 8mm reinforced GB to fit inside my metal lower receiver correctly. The receiver pin-holes aren't lining up enough to get a pin through. I can squeeze them together to where they almost line up on both sides. I'm thinking that there's an area where I could file down a little to allow the GB to get in there a little more. Since I'm relatively new to doing work on this stuff, I wanted to make sure I'm not going to somehow make things crack in half. Should I shave off some material or do something else instead?
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