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  1. If I was to go for your recommendation of about 80m is that all I would need still or would I need more renegadecow?
  2. Sorry I meant 150 feet. I was debating weather to put down if my goal range in meters and feet and I guess I mixed them sorry. I made those changes now, so thank you renegadecow.
  3. As the title implies I am looking for the best bullpup airsoft gun I can turn into a DMR. I've been doing quite a bit of research, and I started off interested in the L85A2 from ICS, but then I found out about the APS UAR V2 and that caught my eye a lot more. Now I know there are a lot more bullpups out there like the FN2000, FAMAS, L85/L86, P90, etc. I am open to more suggestions on what I should get, but here is what I desire out of it to help narrow the list down. I want an it to be upgradable to the DMR I desire and I have a general idea of what upgrades I need ( look below), also I do not want the gun to cost more then about $400 unless I will not that many upgrades, I desire a reliable manufacturer who does not make products that only last a couple of years I plan to take good care of it and I want it to last as long as I take care of it, I also would like replacement parts to be easy to find and not costing an arm and leg. (If you want to know generaly idea specs I would like about 80 meter or more 8"*11" hit ability so about torso or head size that I can easily do without having to aim above the torso 25 feet, rate of fire does not have to be impressive only as fast as I can pull the trigger since I will be sniper and the only reason I would be shooting a lot at once is cover fire, and the fps does not have to be killer just enough so that person feels it and that I don't have to lead by 10 feet for how slow the BB travels. If any of these are to unrealistic please inform me and explain what more realistic goals can be achieved by.) Sorry for the long detailed and probably boring information, but in short if anybody can help with good recommendations on what bullpup airsoft gun I can get and upgrade into a DMR then it will be much appreciated.
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