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  1. Thank you for the answer. But are these really a beginner guns ? :D Where would you put Cyma-s and guns under 200$, sub-beginner :D
  2. Thank you very much for the answer, It means a lot to me coming from and owner of the both guns (companies). I do not plan on buying GBB rifles. I was talking to some people and they also told me that KWA is a bit more expensive to maintain, and that its TM compatible (unfortunately you can't find TM parts where I am from).
  3. Thank you all for taking time to click on the topic and reading this. I would like to get a new airsoft gun, but the problem is I do not have experience with KWA nor G&G. Things I heard are like, "KWA has better internals, G&G externals". The to guns that I have a dilemma are: 1. G&G HK416 DST SHORT (T4-18 LIGHT) 2. KWA M4A1 (Full metal) It says that M4A1 has reinforced "2GX" Gearbox, reinforced Gears, Reinforced Piston, Aluminum Piston Head. Thank you in advance, looking for your feedback
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