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  1. I want to be able to use it for CQB as well as long distance, and my indoor range has a 325 fps indoor limit :p
  2. I guess both? Sorry, I'm not the most tech-savy person. Honestly, whatever is going to get me the best performance possible
  3. Yo, I've got a WE-TECH Scar-H/MK 17 Mod 0 and wanted to do some serious upgrading to the internals. I ordered a RA-Tech Aluminum nozzle, NPAS system, and RA-Tech 6.01 precision inner barrel. Now I just need to get a better hop-up to increase my range, and I was wondering if you guys knew which kind of hop-up I should buy to get the maximum distance out of my shots?
  4. Hey I've been trying to get my hands on an S&T Kar98K for weeks, and I haven't been able to find anything except shady Indian companies that don't give adequate descriptions of the rifles for sale. Is there anyone out there willing to sell or trade for one? Or could you guys help me find a place that'll sell me one? Thanks!
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