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  1. Thank you for the reply. Great info. I've got a lot to learn still before diving in and buying. If I could ask another question. With the knowledge you have today versus when you first started. What would you do different when buying into air soft? What didn't work and regret buying?
  2. Hello all, Yes, completely new and unknowing of all things airsoft. I have tried to gain knowledge by reading here and other locations along with youtube vids. But it’s always good to personally ask questions to help clear my mind’s confusion. Do all guns have chrono adjustment? (I have a paintball background) Seems like each manufacturer has pros and cons. I understand due to costs. But how long (say amount of shots) before repairs needed or replacement parts.I know depends on gun type. Answer can be broad statement or per gun category. (pistol, rifle, sniper rifle, etc.) Learned from my paintball background when buying gear. Buying good gear is always saving money in the future. So from what I’ve read is that there is no perfect name brand but what is one/some that are less likely to have issues per gun category? (pistol, rifle, sniper rifle, etc.) I see that there are larger bb’s. Assuming certain guns can adapt to these. Assuming sniper rifles. Is there an advantage by doing so? If this is possible would it be better served using a spring type rifle for this? Just to conserve not using gas or battery. With rifles and sniper rifles. What distances will each basically shoot? Being in Alabama. Airsoft gi, evite, airsoft megastore, any others I should shop with? Any other info please pass along to me. “A must have” or “Would be useful” on guns. thanks for any and all advice.
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