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  1. Hi guys! I'm a beginner at GBBs and I'm wondering which one I should get. I've gotten it down to these two guns. The KJW has a much higher mag capacity and seems a little bit higher quaity, but the elite force has a threaded barrel and is more reliable with co2 because the kjw is both co2 and green gas and is probably less reliable with co2.Please tell me wih one you prefer. Thanks! http://www.evike.com/products/40446/ http://www.evike.com/products/61159/
  2. I just got a new Elite Force 1911 A1 and I've been having some troubles. It has been working perfectly until this afternoon. I took it apart (I've done it before) and didn't even touch anything and now the slide won't go back all the way. It has nothing to do with the recoil spring, but it seems that something (possibly the nozzle or something) has blocked the slide from going back all the way. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for the help!
  3. Actually, I found the kp05 on airsoft meagastore and with a coupon I can get it for only 87$!!!!!! Thanks for all the help! I will be ordering soon.
  4. Thank you. By more guns, I was thinking more like any other hicapa's or other guns that I should look at.
  5. Is the one you recommended the kp05? I have seen more on other websites and they are way cheaper but they are the kp05 and they are co2 only.
  6. Any more recommendations? The KJW looks great, but I want to see more guns.
  7. Lol, it looks like a white one got painted black by a blind monkey, then went through a dinosaur's intestines, then got thrown off a cliff. Elite force puts an orange tip on it and laser engraves their logo on it and it gets plopped into a box and sent all over the world.
  8. Hi everyone! I have recently been into GBB pistols, and after using my friend's Hi-Capa (and being terrible at breaching in cqb with a huge gun) I have decided to get a GBB. I want it to be 120$ or below, and run preferably on co2, but I heard it is terrible for your gun, so green gas is fine. I also really like the Hi-Capa and 1911 style. I really don't care what the FPS is, as long as it isn't over 400. Oh yeah, I also don't want it to use tons of gas. I'm new to gas guns, so I would like it to be easy to maintenance. I haven't really found anything helpful via reviews, so I thought you guys could help me. My friend (other friend) has been hounding me ever since he got into airsoft to get a WE Hi-Capa and he has been bugging his parents to let him get one. I looked some up last night and they all have terrible reviews. Can you guys recommend some, and give me some tips? Thanks.
  9. Hello, I have been trying to find good M4 flash mags for a while. My first one was an old Lancer Tactical mag, which was awesome. Wound well, strong string, held a lot of bbs, etc. I lost that about a month later, so I ordered the same one. It got here and I found out it is terrible. You have to pull the string as much as you have to wind a normal hi-cap. It didn't hold a lot of bbs, and it barely fit in my gun. Once I thought the mag was in when it wasn't and it fell and broke. I have no idea what brand to get, and I have no idea what is a good one for me. Thanks for helping!
  10. The jack is more air efficient, cheaper, and the FCU is a lot newer. A Polarstar FE has about 20-35 rps that you an choose, and the jack has 1-99 rps (not that you can easily get to 99 rps) The jack is also only part of the gearbox, so you can give your gun a custom trigger or anything else you want to put in your GB.
  11. I thought the GR15 was also polymer... Oh well. I haven't even looked at rail systems so I probably couldn't recommend one. The polymer is very solid on the Combat Machine even after breaking 2 guns after them falling this seems much more solid than those guns. For the things you can do on the CM, I thought it would just be easier to upgrade and easier to not mess up the gearbox on an AEG. My friend has a EBB (electric blowback) and he always is complaining about messing up or not being able to upgrade his gearbox. Go ahead and get this gun, I just wanted to give you a more affordable option for your first gun.
  12. Okay, so you should probably get a high torque/speed motor (speed motors are kinda crappy, and can get hot) motors are great and easy to install. You should also get some high speed gears (12:1, 13:1, 16:1) the lower the number the higher the speed. I would not recommend 12:1 because you will have to downgrade the spring. You will also need to shim the gears. You can buy shims (tiny precise metal washers) to put under and over your gears to make them run smoothly. You cannot do much else because your gun is a blowback gun. Gut the high speed gears are good to upgrade ROF. The motor I have is a Evike Monster Torque-UP motor and with the G&G combat machine (not upgraded besides the motor) and a fully charged 9.6v battery, I am pushing out around 18 bbs/second, which doesn't seem like a lot, but it is very fast. If you really want to upgrade your gun and get a much more reliable and easy to upgrade gun, I would recommend the same gun except the non blowback one. It is called the G&G Combat Machine Raider CQB. Gearbox tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHsC9uCqZbo Whole gun disassembly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adwjV9ogz0s Shims: http://www.evike.com/products/31362/ 16:1 Gears: http://www.evike.com/products/31362/
  13. Lol IKR? Every one says that amazon is bad, but I get everything on there much cheaper (prime) and much quicker
  14. Thanks! I tested it in my backyard, and it went great! Much more accurate and I even tried running and gunning and it was much more accurate. Once I backed away about 25 meters, it was pretty inaccurate for hitting small garden chairs, but it was very windy and drizzling a bit, and I am still using 20s. I'm just about to order some good 25s What are some good, cheap brands? Thanks guys and have a nice day!
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