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  1. Beretta, great choice sir!. I too am curious as to what people think about the Elite because I want my airsoft collection to mirror my defense armory, and this is the only decent looking quality gun I could find to match my own aside from my little spring px4. I have the 160 in .22 for target shooting and I love it, one of the best guns I ever bought IMO.
  2. I know at some point I saw some shells that held a few bb's that would all fire a once and then I assume you spring eject the shell and load another. Looking for a realistic shotgun effect, I.e; load shells/clip, 1/2 pump, fire volley of bb's in single shot, 1/2 pump to eject said shell, 1/2 pump to load next one. Preferably with a small clip like the mossberg 930, 6-8 shells or so. I know I'm probably being terribly picky, but I thoroughly enjoy realism lol. Anyone see anything like this?
  3. Bienvenido! Estoy nuevo tambien. My spanish isn't terrible, but I was told by some coworkers that it could definitely use some expanding. Live long and shoot to kill.
  4. Our zombie loadouts are basically all spring type weapons you would see a hunter using, since those guns and their ammo would be most prevalent in the apocalypse I guess. Pistols, Shotguns, and hunting rifles with semi realistic clip sizes, along with some homemade foam melee weaponry, and I have a PVC longbow and some larp arrows I'll use on occasion too (melee + archery are way more fun IMO.) Zombies get full helmets and taped on paper plates or cheap clay birds for death markers. Tons of fun, and you still can go for headshots all day. I hunt traditional archery though so that's why my weird a## rolls into a zombie fight with a regular bow. Gets laughs everytime...until I win Sidenote: I couldn't help but comment with all these southern country boys making a big deal about they're AR's and the few guys who mentioned full autos. HAha In any scenario where you'll be defending yourself for an extended period of time (weeks/months/years,) you guys will be the first gun owners to go down. Have fun burning thru your 30rd clips with that full auto crap. Your not a tax-funded military base buddy, you'll run out of ammo much sooner than you think, unless you have thousand of dollars a year to spend on ammo. The dozen or so guys I know personally who have that same simplistic mentality, have 3-5x as much money spend on 30 different AR's and the weakest ammo stashes I've ever heard of for all the guns they own. Us smart people will stick to our semi's. A few well-placed shots are better any day than spraying holes in everything in front of you. Once you inevitably have to reload, if you can't be hit with a semi carbine cause your hiding, which someone else could be doing too while your wasting ammo, and there's always the option of whipping out something much bigger if you have it. V I still can't believe 45-70's are legal, I sooooo want to get one of those. Wonder if your wooden/plaster walls could stop one of those rounds? Smileys XD
  5. Cool, hope it's still going. Would love to come thru once I get some new guns. Summertime, I'll be there!
  6. pumpdatbass

    Sup guy!

    Yo! Name's Danny, I live in southern PA. Joined up because I wanted to learn some tricks and this seemed like a good place, been a watcher for a good bit now, probably 6 months or so. Been recreationally airsofting with my buddies for about 5 years or so, mostly with cheap guns. Only thing I never liked about airsoft was the unrealistic clips sizes. I almost always cut springs and added spacers to my clips to simulate a more real experience; I make my shots count. I have more fun that way anyway. my one buddy says I ruin all the fun of spraying the crap out of people, but then again I look at it partially as combat training. Just recently bought a $30 px4 spring pistol since all my old generic looking ones broke last summer (we started getting a bit more realistic and, ummmm, "tactical?" about our games. Basically now we treat it as if we are seriously about to die in a firefight; basically anything you'd see someone do if a grenade dropped beside them lmfao. I actually carry a rubber stage knife with a blood button(turkey baster hahaha) in battle too. if I sneak up on ya, you get cut. That's always hilarious. I would love for my airsoft collection to mirror my current armory: 2x beretta px4 subcompact 9mm, 2 17rd & 5 25rd clips (go big!) 2x beretta 87 target .22lr beretta cx4 storm 9mm, shares clips with the px4 (love interchangeability) beretta arx160 .22lr, 5x 30rd clips (seeing a trend yet?) and of course, a mossberg 930 Tactical 12ga shotgun (for when some $%*# MUST die!) I also load most of my own rounds except for the .22's (long as I can find them) As you can tell, I love Berettas. Bit of a fanboy I guess. I'll be searching for a few post on spring to semi auto conversions, because they only make my guns in spring it seems. I'll check back then after some search and profile modding, til then, light em' up!
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