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  1. The guy said that the hop up is trashed, I already have a new one ready and I have an M100 spring. I am installing them in the next few days. I will take pics and upload them if the new spring (and lubing) does not help. Looks like the guy never ever lubricated it.
  2. Hello, I own a Cyma P90 I only installed a mosfet and a 11v lipo so far and it works like a charm, but a plastic part in the trigger mechanism broke so I purchased a used P90 for replacemene parts. A week later JG trigger contacts became available and I installed one into the used P90. The problem is with the one I purchased from the stranger: Slow rate of fire, at around 500 rpm, while my other stock gun with the same battery does around 700rpm. It burned a 20A fuse that came with the JG trigger mechanism, the guy had a 25A intalled, it works with this one. It has a slower rate of fire even with the 11v Lipo Suddenly it stopped cycling and I had to use the 11v multiple times to get it unjammed, it got stuck like 3 times. Even when it got back into action it just spit out the bbs 20ft in front of me My guess is: The guy who used this gun before made some modifications, maybe he added a strong spring or he did a bad shimjob. I will open the gearbox in the next few days when my M100 spring arrives, any ideas what should I look for?
  3. New connectors are on the way and the battery is dead for sure, I will upload pictures about the wiring soon.
  4. Hello! My younger brother owns a CM.045 AK 74U replica, totally stock. There was a creepy girl lurking inside our yard and she refused to go away so my brother decided to show her the gun, but she was gone as soon as my brother came in (I was sleeping) minutes after my brother woke me up. He says his gun only shoots if he removes the grip, he showed me (trigger pulled 5 times only at this point) it was just like he said. I took the gun in my hand and inspected the cables, everything seemed all right and not broken or damaged. I fired the gun and huge sparks came from somewhere around the motor, I checked cables again and made sure they only touch with the connector on the motor, I fired once again and even larger sparks. I immediately checked the 7.4V Lipo battery in it and it was super hot with all the wirings included, tamiya melted. With some force applied I managed to disconnect the lipo, it countinued heating until the point the black plastic cover on it melted. So my question is, was the battery faulty or is the motor or wiring the problem? Additional info: Gun has not been used for more than 10 000 shots and is only 3 months old He is used lipo on our last 2 airsoft matches which were only few hours long, no noticable heating Fuse is undamaged Cables were only removed from the motor once, to check my gun's trigger wiring (gearbox was not taken apart) The gun is still (as far as I know) under warranty The sparkles were orange and not blue Once it started heating it kept heating until I removed the battery EDIT: While I was writing this post my brother noticed that the tamiya is molten in a strange way, it looks like the metal connector part of the lipo connector did not go into the female part of the connector but rather pushed it asied and connected side to side, may this be the problem?
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