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  1. Wow thanks for all the replies guys, and yes I do run an m4 loadout so I will try to carry a pod in each double pouch.
  2. I would say its generally a bad idea to remove the orange tips on all of your guns unless you ONLY do airsoft at a field. I have 3 AEG's without orange tips, but 2 with them for backyard games since my friends still like to do those every once in a while.
  3. Hey, so I am an avid airsofter with a full loadout and everything, I'm also in a marching band as a tuba and baritone player. The brass section is going paintballing in a couple months and I at first wasn't going to go but now I think I might. But is there anything I should know, and how will my airsoft gear be able to be used in paintball. Will my chest rig be useless, will the paint stain my BDU's? What should I wear? How much more does it hurt? What about face protection? Thank you to any airsofters or paintballers alike who could give any information to me and anyone else in my situation.
  4. I wish every airsofter followed these ideals. I remember when I was first starting off I didn't have BDU's but I had the rest of a loadout, but I wasn't really accepted into the community at all until I got BDU's. It was really weird.
  5. My girlfriend does just fine in my old woodland digital loadout. We just adjusted the plate carrier cuz it was a bit uncomfortable for her.
  6. Hey is any of the gear still available, I may be interested in buying it. Could you post pics?
  7. Is this still available? If so, PM me. Thanks!
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