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  1. I already did, I purchased a Airsoft Pro Hop Up Chamber, with a 180 spring , 6.08 PDI barrel and using a Prometheus 60 degree air chamber packing with nub (red), too much lift with 30g bbs, 40's are ok but it doesn't seem as accurate. I was thinking about using a flat chamber packing. I completely customized the M99, my buddy is a machinist and we made it more solid.
  2. I am trying to find a barrel for my snow wolf M99 it looks like this. I want a 6.03 or 6.05 barrel and I don't care if it is brass. Here is a picture of the end.
  3. I think that is the one for the KWA pistol. I was thinking about ordering it. The one for the Kriss is a little more bent. Here is a picture, is that one from a airsoft store in china? Here is the Kriss Vector one.
  4. Hi, I lost my Hop UP key for my KWA Kriss Vector and I am having a hard time finding one. Does anyone know where I could purchase one. The KWA USA site doesn't work and I thought parts are supposed to be available for a product for a least 15 years after discontinuation according to US law.
  5. Ok, thanks for the help. I am new to this and used to be in the military and loved shooting my M16. I have the Snow Wolf M99 right now and am having a hard time getting parts for it. I am looking at the Airsoft hop up upgrade from these guys http://www.airsoftsniperparts.com/apps/webstore/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&sort=pricelh&query=m99 and plan on purchasing the steel cylinder. I bought some items from evike. The angel customs 6.01 barrel that fit my stock hop up, but the more I read, the more I have just wasted my money. So, I figured if I bought the nice Marine Sniper M40A3 or another nice gun, I could be done with this hassle of ripping apart my gun 30 times and just buy something that is nice out right. My motto is, pay now or your gonna pay more later. I did contact the guys at PDI and they said the 6.08 bore is more accurate and I was going to see if they have a better steel cylinder there because I read the I can use APS2 parts for my gun. So if I bought the new Airsoft hop up I could convert my gun for AEG parts. I really like the barrett snow wolf m99 but If I dump alot of money into it I figured I would be better off with a pre-built gun. I was even looking at this one from Evike. http://www.evike.com/products/59888/ I like accuracy because I like to do alot of target shooting , that is one of the reasons I would like to have a nice gun. Any info would be a great help.
  6. I am looking at a highly accurate sniper rifle. I came across RedWold Airsoft and found alot of snipers in the 2000 range. I would like to get accuracy at 200ft and read up on the PDI M40A3 and am really considering it. I also like the snipers at RedWolf. I have no problem spending 2,000.00 for a sniper. Should I get the one from Redwolf or wait for the PDI? I like this sniper also. http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Sniper_Rifles_Real_Sword_Real_Sword_RS_SVD_AEG_with_Scope.htm
  7. I have been searching the internet endless hours trying to find parts to upgrade my SW M99. I already purchased some parts and I wasted some money on parts that don't fit. It seems like not to many people have modified this gun. I saw the videos on YouTube and read varies posts but I want to make sure I am doing this right. Here is what I purchased so far: Angel Custom G2 SUS304 Stainless Steel 6.01mm Sniper Rifle Tightbore Inner Barrel (590mm / SnowWolf M99) Matrix Advanced - Silica Airsoft AEG Hopup Buckings (Set of 2) - 80 Degree / 480~630 FPS Angel Custom Delrin Inner Barrel Spacer Set for APS / APS2 Airsoft Sniper Rifles Aluminum CNC Power Up Cylinder Kit For L96 Type/MB01/04/05 Series Airsoft Sniper I plan on buying these items: Prometheus 6.05 "BC Bright" Brass Tight Bore Inner Barrel for Airsoft AEG - 509mm Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Packing / AEG Hop Up Bucking (Hard Type) Brass Hop up Chamber Type 96 for Marzuen / Warrior/ Well L96 Airsoft Bolt Action [For Airsoft Only] Action Army Type 96 Hop Up Bucking for Maruzen Type 96 / Well APS2 / UTG 96 I am having a hard time finding barrel spacers. I don't want to use electrical tape. Are these the right items or what would you recommend? Thanks
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