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  1. Yes it only charges lipo. It was rated good too so I didn't expect problems.
  2. My gun was locking up all day and wasn't shooting so I was assuming my batteries were dead. I went home and plugged my 11.1v 2000 mah battery into my smart charger. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure smart chargers auto stop when the battery is completely charging. The battery charged for 3 hours and then the LED switched to the charged indicator. I really feel like that was unusually long for a battery to charge. I put it in my gun and it shot really well. I then put my handgaurd back on over the battery, and just then, the battery made a loud noise sounding like a flare was just lit or something. Sparks went everywhere, and then a crazy amount of smoke emitted from the battery. I have a spare battery so I charged it for 10 minutes just to see what would happen, and when I put it in the gun, it wont shoot. The answer to my question may be obvious, but is it possible that my gun is broken because of the battery melting while connected to the gun? It would be really sad cuz I just got the gun and first tried to use it today. K. I just plugged in the battery again and changed the fuse. The gun shot auto while it was on semi, and then stopped firing after like 10 shots. Now it is just locked up and won't shoot at all. The trigger will not pull.
  3. I have owned many gas blowback pistols in the past, but I am getting into airsoft again and I have to buy all new gear. I play outdoor mainly now, and I have an aeg and all of the most necessary items, and I am now searching for the smaller items that I may need. I am looking around for pistols, but I'm not sure if I actually need one. I feel like it takes longer to take out a sidearm than reload an M4, and the mags for gas guns can be extremely troublesome, and can break way quicker than a simple aeg midcap mag. Also, sidearms are pretty heavy and gbb's of course take a lot of maintenance. I definitely like pistols because they are really fun and look nice though. I feel like I am just looking at the negative side of pistols, but I think it might help if I get insight from you guys on the real usefulness of a pistol, and if how it can enhance my survivability in matches.
  4. These AEGs seem to be identical. Which one in your opinion is better overall?
  5. Yeah, I have owned the most common variants. M4's, AK74's, G36's P90, etc. But I am just wanting a gun that is top performance, with a quality outer appearance.
  6. Hello everyone, I am in desperate need of help because I am extremely indecisive in choosing a main AEG. I am not really new to airsoft, and have purchased many AEGs, both new and used. I sold all of my guns, and I am hoping to choose one rifle to be my main and reliable gun. Because you guys are all experienced, I would like input from you guys on a high quality AEG that is new on the market, and has plenty of customization and features. I am open to any AEGs under 500 dollars. Thank you for your time.
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