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  1. so if I were to open it up what pieces would I have to align correctly? it doesn't sound to hard but I could easily be mistaken
  2. im probably going to do that. But id like to learn, so how would I fix this myself and what am I looking for to fix exactly?
  3. alright but how would I know if its out of place or damaged? I really am inexperienced with parts and internals. You said id have to take out the gearbox but you said it would be on the outside of the gearbox, so I wouldnt have to actually get in the gearbox itself?
  4. ill probably return it then. But if I was to fix it myself what would I have to do apart from opening the gearbox? just wanting to learn
  5. I have not opened my gearbox before. But I doubt it is worn down because ive only used it a few times to shoot around outside its never been used in a war or anything. pretty much just range shooting I would say.
  6. I recently got a JG EBB 1020 (box name is as74u) It shoots completely fine but when I select it on full auto and hold the trigger it only shoots as if it was in semi automatic mode and when I put it in semi automatic mode it performs how its supposed to. It wont shoot fully automatic in the selected fully automatic mode. When I flick the selector switch around I can put it into safety and switch it directly into fully automatic mode and hold the trigger and it will (sometimes) shoot fully automatic like its supposed to but when I let off the trigger and try and hold it down again it will only shoot one and it will continue to only shoot one. Its not the batteries ive used 2 different stick type batteries that are compatible with the gun (only stick type batteries are compatible with the gun anyway) Any thoughts? It doesnt look like an electrical problem but I don't know exactly but then again mechanically everything sounds and performs fine except the fully automatic mode. Even when it does shoot fully automatic it sounds and shoots perfectly. Im not a nube to airsoft but im kind of a nube to the technician side of airsoft. I need help please, thank you
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