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  1. Isn't 60 degree for less than 350 fps or something?
  2. I've been playing at a field for 2+ years and running AKs for at least 4 years, I'm not some noob looking to make a bullethose with mom's money
  3. Why is it so wrong to start off with upgrading the gun. Why play with something good before moving to very good when you can just skip to very good?
  4. I was more interested in the high torque motor as an easy way to increase trigger response. Would it at least be smart to get a higher end 6.03 tightbore to go with a new bucking?
  5. What barrel would you recommend and would you say to still get the motor? Also, will a stock E&L handle an 11.1 lipo fine?
  6. Unfortunately there are no techs whatsoever near me and none of my friends know how to work on guns.
  7. M120 spring Metal Bushings Aluminum Piston Head POM / Poly-carb. Piston Aluminum Cylinder head Ball Bearing Spring Guide Standard Ratio Gears Shims
  8. Hey guys, I'm trying to build a god tier AK. Unfortunately I suck at tech work, don't have many tools at my disposal and anything I ever try indepth on airsoft gearboxes is always an expensive disaster. Anyways I want to build the ultimate AK for field play and hopefully future ops. Here is my current build list, all from Airsoft GI: E&L AK-105 (my ideal AK, have owned 74Ms and a 74u, want something in between, already have multiple AK scope mounts, mags ect) $320 Madbull Ver. 2 Precision AEG Inner Barrel for M4 (363mm) $30 Airsoft GI Field Durability Upgrade Package $160 R-Hop Installation Service $60 Lonex A1 Infinite Torque-Up & High Speed Motor (Short) $55 Please critique, recommend and suggest edits to this setup!
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