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  1. I have an elite tavor that I am looking to sell for $330 including ten midcaps, 3 g&p high caps, 1 metel high cap, and a 9.6 volt battery. I have done quite a bit of upgrading on the tavor: new motor, new bucking, new air nozzle, new piston and piston head, new spring, new cylinder head, a forgrip rail and a sling. I know it's not an m4 but I thought it was worth posting because no one else has posted.
  2. I have an upgraded elite force tavor elite version that I would be willing to sell for $300 with ten extra midcaps
  3. Thanks. Your last sentence made me laugh!
  4. Thanks, I have already done many upgrades to the Tavor(cylinder head, piston, piston head, air nozzle, motor, bucking, and inner barrel) and it is pretty accurate, but I want something that has more accessory options and is 100% upgradeable.
  5. I am thinking of getting a Krytac spr to upgrade to a dmr. I want to get it because it comes with good internals so I could mostly work on accuracy. The quick change spring also is a plus because I play at different places with different fps limits. I am open to suggestions if someone thinks a different gun would be better but I want it to be an m4 because I have an elite Tavor and I can't take another gun with tones of proprietary parts. If you think the Krytac would be a good base I would really appreciate advice about how I would go about turning it into a dmr. Thanks
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