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  1. I don't like the triangle sight that is stock. I also have the shorty version and I want more length for accuracy. I was looking into a 363mm length. any suggestions?
  2. what inner and outer barrel should I get and what length. I would also like to add a mock supressor
  3. hey guys im sorta new to airsoft. I recently picked up a cm16 raider cqb version. I would like to upgrade it to shot within 380 to 400 and change some outside things. im thinking about upgrading the following- spring- motor- gearbox- inner barrel-(adding mock suppressor to the outside) outer barrel- (adding mock suppressor to the outside) sights- if you know anything about what I should get please help. if I don't need anything on this list let me know. if you make a suggestion try to make it available on evike.com thank you so much
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