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  1. He's right you know...
  2. Just paint the whole thing orange to be safe, lol...these laws are getting ridiculous.
  3. You may have injured you back early on in a minor way and continued movement under weight and pressure furthered the injury. Or you could have atrophied from lack of using those muscles for those months. It happens quicker than you would think. Hitting the gym and doing some running are excellent suggestions and will do a lot to prevent injury. But if it hurts in the same place and way, stop for a while and let it heal. I have actual back problems, and something I do though it is not recommended, is that I take a recommended dose of ibuprofen (Advil) a half hour before I do something strenuous. It is an anti-inflammatory, so if somethings not right before hand, or gets injured during the event, the damage is reduced because of a lack of ensuing inflammation. This indirectly helps it hurt less as well. Just keep in mind that Ibuprofen builds up in you liver and can be bad for you.
  4. I thought about it, but as others have said, I'd just be afraid of people shooting the drone and killing it...those things are expensive. Also, there is a liability of it falling out of the sky and hitting some one. Unlikely but worth considering. However, it would be interesting to make the teams have them for the use of simulating air stikes.
  5. http://www.americangunsmithinginstitute.net/?lead_src=introgppc&gclid=CjwKEAiAjfq2BRDpmdHmssaW5xsSJABToP4lOPgyIgNmVqHUYX5ejCHnBzeDStFuKPMSCGJeVVDPLBoCr83w_wcB LOLJK
  6. MilSim is Military Simulation. If you want to have a load out similar to an actual soldier's look at a picture of some one from the branch or special forces that you wish to emulate, or even find some technical manuals depicting the intended use of a certain system, and mimic it to the best of your ability and budget. Same for LEO loadouts. But a Military load out, as I was taught in boot camp, will typically consist of 5 things; Water, Coms, First Aide or Blow out Kit, Ammunition, and lastly Mission essential gear which would include your armor, helmet, tools, goggles, secondary weapons, tertiary weapons, ammunition for said weapons, weapon attachments, other such gear, and anything special needed to complete the mission. Anything extra is dead weight. LEOs, I would think, would carry even less as their tasks, again I would think, are a little less varied and follow a much shorter time line. Special forces units would typically follow a mantra of, if it works it isn't stupid, and would therefore stray from the conventional guidelines and do more what suits them particularly. In any military load out, special forces or otherwise, you are likely to see a lot of electrical tape taping down straps and stuff to make the gear more quiet. But the most important thing to consider when making a military load out is that MISSION DRIVES THE GEAR YOU USE AND HOW YOU USE IT. If your engagement distances, in the military not the airsoft field, are going to be longer than 100 yards consistently, than you are going to have a guy on your team with a DMR and you are going to keep as much stuff off of the front of your gear so you could get into the prone easier and present the smallest target possible. If you are going to be kicking in doors or doing a lot of close quarters stuff, you may loose the DMR and you'd definitely have a guy with a shotty for breaching. You'd carry more ammunition based on the expected duration of the exercise. You'd keep your ammunition in front because you can reload faster with it in that position and you'd pack a dump pouch so you could retain your mags. You might even keep your pistol, First Aide, and pistol mags on a drop leg so that you could carry more rifle ammo on your vest. You'd also be more likely to whear a flack vest and more PPE, like knee pads and elbow pads, over a lighter plate carrier.
  7. Some pics: http://i49.tinypic.com/b562gy.jpg http://www.oocities.org/gun_pictures_homepage/m16a2lmg.jpg http://sadefensejournal.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/colt_lmg2.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/ed/1a/b9/ed1ab959e149662bf620968f6f2464f3.jpg Carry Handle http://www.centerfiresystems.com/mnt-hdl.aspx
  8. What reason would you have for wanting to make an M4 a support weapon? If this is all about being the guy with an oddball gun, then I'd get an oddball gun. I'm new to airsoft my self, but I have been modding and repairing real steel firearms and electric musical instruments for a long time. If you change parts than you are inviting potential issues to your gun. Not worth it for nothing more than cool factor. In any case as far as getting it to LMG standards I'd start by beefing up parts to bolster your gearbox and reduce stress on the gears. I'd start with a set of steel gear bushings, a cylinder with full metal teeth, and a metal spring guide if you don't have these already. Worry about your FPS once your gun is up to a point where its not going break from the additional stress. Also keep in mind that getting a better and tighter barrel will increase your FPS. I'm finding that in Airsoft, aesthetics are important, especially for Milsim, so I'd add a sick looking muzzle break, some sort of carry handle, a bipod, and finding a way to make the barrel look beefier to the list. You could even pretty it up by getting some belted rounds and JB Welding them to the side. Find a pic of a real M16 style weapon that has been converted to an LMG and make it look as close to that as you can so that if you get called out for not having a legit LMG, you can show them the pic (talking about REFs and other people that matter). Capacity will be important to so look into drum mags...Sorry, but I don't see a cheap way to legitimately go LMG.
  9. Not that I don't trust your answer, I the video the guy makes since with his logic. But he also promises to fix the mag, he bought it broken, and show it firing. I have not found that video and it made me wonder, hence the post. I am just wondering, though, what the technical reasons are for your hypothesis. Are they just uncomfortable due to the placement of the mag, do they have feeding issues, is it incredulously difficult to get it right?
  10. I'm not asking anyone to do anything for me, and I am a month or two away from doing this mod if I go through with it, but I was wondering what others' impression on this C mag mod may be.
  11. You can actually get prescription goggle inserts for ESS goggles that mount to the nose piece of the goggles themselves. As far as the fogging goes, you can get sprays and wipes that help. They are not a cure all, but they still do a lot. There are also fan systems that you can get. I bought a fan and some battery packs. I'll be experimenting with those when the parts all get here and I'll gladly post the results. But if you can't wait you can get fan kits for goggles. They are just more expensive to buy.
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