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  1. It's nice to meet you, Ikilljoy. Are you new to airsoft entirely or just the forum?
  2. During my first day airsofting, at which I only caught the very end of rally up and found myself extremely confused throughout the entire game, I made a terrible mistake. I now know that at this field during this certain game mode, when you are hit, you can immediately go back to respawn after calling it. So, me not understanding this concept and having only played two previous medic games, where 'dead man walking' was shouted at me multiple times, when I got hit, I just stayed in the same place. This spot happened to be right smack in the middle of a firefight area in between cover and directly in front of my teammate trying to shoot around me. After a bit of yelling for me to move, I just started crying. I don't take pressure or scolding well and get upset quickly in high stress situations, especially when I don't understand the terms people are using. At that moment, about 8 of my teammates decided to rush directly from behind me to the front of me. I just curled up in a ball and let them all run over me, two of them tripping and a lot of them screaming at me to move over. Then, when I stood up, I got lit up by the other team who thought I was still in the game and it just made me more upset and I ran away. I felt so stupid and was incredibly embarrassed. I didn't even want to walk back to the safe zone for fear someone would recognize me as the person who didn't get out of the way and call me an idiot or something. After I got home, I spent hours on Google trying to understand every rule of airsoft and every game mode and what was expected of me. I also never come late to rally up again.
  3. The field I play at has a game mode similar to this that they call "blob." I haven't ever participated in it, but the general scheme of it seems similar. However, in their form, each team starts with 2 or 3 members even though there's usually around 50 or 60 players on the field. Also, instead of armbands, team names are used and the team must stick closely together in order to win. So when a player is hit, they sit or squat down until another player touches them and says "You are now on my team, team __" or something along those lines. The armbands seem like a better idea since it breeds less confusion and friendly fire than simply using team names. From what I've seen of spectating a game similar, you spend next to no time waiting on teams to claim you- unless you are caught in between a firefight or in an awkward or open position, such as in between cover spaces. I would compare the wait time to when you wait to be dragged or healed by a medic in a normal match. However, in this game, everyone can act as a 'medic' type (someone to 'revive' you into the game again), meaning that one spends exponentially less time sitting around.
  4. I started playing airsoft through a friend of mine. I just played my first game last month and I originally did it because this friend of mine has done so much for me in the past and sat through boring stuff that I made him attend. We had just starting getting physical about a week prior to my first airsoft match, so when he invited me to the field, I expected it to be a one-and-done kind of thing. I also read into the invitation as a type of cover story: "yeah... we're going 'airsofting'." I inferred that he meant we would be making out for most of the day and I was meant to tell my father that we were playing with fake guns. However, to my surprise, we actually spent the entire day (from 9 to 5) playing airsoft. And even more to my surprise, I enjoyed it. After the third game, I basically abandoned my friend to play on my own and we met up during the breaks. I still don't own any equipment, but I plan to get my own gun soon so I don't have to keep renting. So yeah, the story of my introduction to airsoft was fueled by my desire to kiss a guy from my school.
  5. Hello, my name’s Ryen. I’m from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and generally stick around Denton during the week. I’m 17 and about to graduate high school. I just started playing Airsoft a couple weeks ago with a friend of mine. I immediately fell in love. I played paintball with my brother when I was a preteen, but was too self-conscious to fully delve into the sport and have fun. With Airsoft, I feel more at home and accepted. Everyone has been extremely kind, helpful, and considerate of me so far. For now, I’ve only played at D14 Airsoft but I hope to experience other fields and communities as well, which is why I joined the site. Currently, I don’t have any gear or weapons of my own, but instead I rent or borrow from others if they give me permission. Considering I’ve only played a few times, I don’t think my lack of commitment is anything less than appropriate. On a side note, I really like turtles and lizards as well as reading. I also happen to be a female.
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