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  1. If your so experienced in the matter then be the difference you believe they need. If they fail, they will fail by the inaction of those who stand the most to benefit. Besides, what have you got to lose?
  2. You seem to be pretty pessimistic about this, if your looking to keep up with the newer generations you need to move past forums. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of forums myself, that's how I learned to work on my air guns after all, but the new kids have no interest in them at all. And yeah that has a lot to do with age but there's nothing you can do to change that, this generation is all about instant satisfaction, instant messages, instant results. Give the RSSA a chance at least, I think they have as strong a chance as any to pull this sport together before stupid incidents and fat backed politicians who think we shouldn't be playing at all decide to make it law.
  3. For what its worth, if you keep up with Airsoft C3 nowadays they announced the launch of a new NPO group dedicated to furthering the sport as a whole. I'll let you guys make what you will of it but I think its a step in the right direction. www.rssagroup.org
  4. Honestly I sit a bit off on these categories.. I guess I would be a Recon Long Range Rifleman? I keep myself light and mobile while using my extensive hunting experience to keep to concealment, I'm not a sniper but more DMR support. I pick my targets with care and almost always find myself on a flank or concealed.
  5. Need is quite the relative term, I play exclusively field games as there is no indoor fields in my state. Despite that I still carry and have effectively used my sidearm on multiple occasions. I run an WE open bolt m16 as my primary and as such its a real pain to bring to bear at close range. As such using my pistol is a great supplement to that. Also on occasion I have "baited" other players in close, leaving myself seemingly unaware of a player "sneaking" up on me and when they pause to say bang, I shoot them. The pistol gives me a second angle of attack, so while I may be looking down field I have the option to engage someone on a "flank". To note, our "bang bang" rule is a courtesy and is only binding if the player submits. So if I call bang on a person they can either accept the hit or attempt to fire back in which case I will need to pull that trigger. Most players submit, I find it fun to quick draw on the more experienced folks. ~D
  6. The real trick to that exercise is to continue breathing normally. ^_^
  7. One trick to keep in mind is a simple core exercise. Throughout your day clench your ab muscles and hold them that way. Also, stand/sit strait. Its a habit I've had to adopt as 10+ years of sword-fighting has taken its toll on me. It will take some time to get solid results but its helped me immensely with my back pain. ~D
  8. None yet, But I am picking up a bottle of "Zero Fog" spray for testing this season, (still too cold here) The inventor is a master optician and incredibly intelligent person, he personally assured me it works so I intend to try it.
  9. I might be able to answer some of that. I spoke with the field's owner shortly after this incident aired. He relayed to me that the player whom started the fight (in black) and indeed his whole team who seemed all to eager to get involved have been banned at that field, and potentially at other nearby fields as well. He assured me that this is not a frequent incident at the field and is being dealt with in an "appropriate manner." I must admit I know no further details past my brief communication nor what happened to the other players involved.
  10. Lol... What I was saying was to have a new set of lenses made for your RX and fit into the goggles. The carrier and all of its parts runs ~$30 and depending on your Rx the lenses can range from ~$30-120. It is a bit of an investment but it will make things much simpler over all. I can also recommend some anti-fog treatments I've been experimenting with myself. (To note; I'm a certified optician on an army base, Ballistics are a specialty of mine. ^_^ )
  11. Evening, just wanted to let you know we have a group here in North Pole, Alaska. Seek me out on Facebook I'll hook you up. Dustin Brand, Fairbanks Ak.
  12. Well, became good friends with a coworker of mine after we spent a few months trading "War Stories" from our respective sports. Myself in medieval combat sports and him in airsoft, finally we decided to visit each others respective groups. He ended up sore and bruised from a fun melee engagement and I got a new hobby in slinging plastic and hunting down other players like frieghtened fox. ^_^
  13. Have you considered an RX lens carrier for your goggles? Theyre fairly inexpensive and significantly better than trying to wear a set of regular glasses underneath.
  14. Lost half a tooth at Gamepod last year, really pissed off this guy holding the Airport corner and he decided to sluff his shots and hose the four of us with his HPA gun.
  15. I'll always prep gear the night before, and double check it just before game. Protien snacks and water before the game, stare awkwardly at the kids downing energy drinks that would put me into an allergenic fit, and check Comms channels with the others. As for music I'm a bit odd... "Ecce Gratum" by Qntal "Out of Control" by Trapt "Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim as well as Marylin Manson, Pantera, Five Finger Death Punch, and Papa Roach.
  16. So, first summer playing airsoft, I'm the new guy in a group of thirty or so players who've been at this for 4+ years on this particular field. For refference I am not new to combat sports and hold quite the reputation amongst medieval reinactors and paintballers, but only the guy that brought me out here knows this. So, second game of the day is a bunker assault with optional VIP assassination secondary objective. Right off the bat I break wide from the group with one in tow and make our way to a solid flanking position, wait out the time til the main groups engage in the fight and we begin to close in. 10 feet from the bunker with 4 players and the VIP inside I draw my sidearm knowing I cant take them all with a Surrender call. Taking a breath I stand up over the edge of the barricade, level my 1911 on the VIP, squeeze the trigger and... Nothing. The safety is still on. I take about six rounds to the chest and make my way to the respawn.
  17. Afternoon Folks, My name is Dustin, or AKdust if you prefer. New to the forum, have played airsoft for a few years now. Me and my group are based in North Pole Alaska, look us up on Airsoft C3. I primarily run WE open bolt GBB rifles but have a rather fiesty CA MP5 in Swordfish attire. Its nice to see a forum so active! Ttfn ~Dustin
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