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  1. Hi, I just wondering which rifle is the right one for M403A rifle.I meant which is the right rifle for M40A3, because in airsoft there are two types for M40A3. For example the A.P.S M40A3 it's more like snow wolf, JG Bar-10, I meant the rifle was not the same if we looked from the shapes, magz, and other stuff. Like M40A3 made by VFC, when I searched on the internet that rifle same as the real rifle used by US Marines, I've red also on wiki they got the same picture with the rifle made by VFC. I just wondering is A.P.S made their own design or the real, the right rifle is M40A3 made by VFC, because when I googled nothing found M403A designs that same or looked like that made by A.P.S.I know what APS it's stands for.. :) Thank you.
  2. Yea, my nephew got this gun, from Lancer, at first I thought it was rifle toys for under 13years old, but it's shoot actually. And it was made all plastic, I meant plastic. I remembered now why my nephew cried at that time, because his dad sitting on the rifle and the rifle was broken. The stock and the orange tip broken, "Splat...and Craack.." Lol, now I remembered why his crying. Lol. Anyway, I already got my CYMA M4 RIS full metal body, and it was great, heavy, and I didn't expect the FPS quite well, and it's nice AEG I think. Only the butt stock was quite shaky, and the gearbox also full metal. Not bad at all...not bad at all... :) I meant like this, (Why my nephew cried): https://youtu.be/dbQpEA4KHpE?t=206
  3. Hi, I just got my Cyma M4 RIS Full Metal Bodies, and it's worked great besides the shaky rifle butt stock, and it can't shoot when I pointed to the ground, the BB's was falling out when I take the magz out. But this time I represented question from my friend, for sniper rifle I have my JG Bar-10 G-Spec, it's very nice sniper rifle. So I didn't know any kind of another sniper rifle. I said to him, just buy VFC U.S.M.C M40A3, he said I can't afford it. Then I asked him do you already have a choice?and he said yes. Here are the choices: Well G96 Well Warrior L96 Well MB4403 SNOW WOLF M24 A.P.S. (Hakkotsu) M40A3 King Arms Kalashnikov Air Cocking Sniper Rifle (Fully & Semi Automatic Shooting Mode) I told him as far as I know, A.P.S was another brand that bought license from Hakkotsu, engineer from Hakkotsu while parts and assembling is on China (APS) - Correct me if I'm wrong. And about number 6, King Arms there's something interesting for me, on the web mentioned the rifle can fully operation in semi & automatic, how that can be possibly, I meant it's an air cocking rifle. Well, my friend already searching on the internet first, but he said any brands has it's own cons and broke down. Well I guess my friend need you guys here... Thank you.
  4. Hmmm....I have to import it from abroad, no Cyma or specific Magz sold in my local store area, mostly they sold cheap plastic, metal Magz from China and it's fake. How about G&P?will it fit in? By the way, I just want to make sure with this question, does the AEG Airsoft rifle has a loud noise?(The piston). Because when I was using my Spring Rifle it's only sounds "Blep..Blep.." but when I tried my Cyma AEG it's sounds "BLETAP...BLETAP.!!" it's very loud all my neighbor's can heard it from 500meters. The dynamo sounds just fine..."Ngiing..Ngiing.." but I think the loud sound is the piston or else, the question is it normal, I mean that's the sound of AEG? **Should I ask in the new thread?
  5. Hi, I'm newbie and I just bought an M4 Ris from Cyma, and also I was bought additional Mags from the same store (Online Store). But I asked the seller about the additional Mags, he said the same thing as the description of the Mags in their sites. Desc: - Full Metal Material M4 Magazine - Fit in any M4 Airsoft AEG - Battleaxe Best Brands The Mags seems larger from the original but as we look the picture below, it's more slims, but it's not fit, too big. *** Sorry, I tried finding the "Spoiler" tags but there's none in the editor. The seller said "Just push the Magz..." and before he said that I already did it and scratched the Magz, the Magz not falling, that's because it's too big, well I don't know if it was too big or the Magz has a different curved with the originals. Anyone now what Magz should I buy, the Brands perhaps if allowed, or what kind of Magz that will fit in my Cyma M4 Ris. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for all your suggestions guys.... Well I will get Cyma M4 RIS, because I've been looking for the AK's from Cyma, DPMS PAR25 and othes like you guys wrote above, but unfortunately no stocks, so...I'll take the Cyma M4 RIS... Cheers...
  7. Hi, First of all best regards for all members. Just a simple and solid question. I had a Jing Gong Bar-10 G-Spec and almost two years in airsoft world, and I like snipping, but after a long time My JG felt quite heavy because I did some modification, so my friends suggested that I should changed my gear little bit, feel the differences and not being monotonous. And actually I want to try different environment (in me...) still love my JG but I want to try Assault rifle. So I need opinions, this two airsoft fits with my budget and "In Stock" and also there are no more left at the store, everything out of stocks. This is my choices: D-BOYS SCAR-L SC-01 CYMA M4 RIS CYMA M4 S-System I watched reviewed on youtube they said the butt stock quite shaky. But I haven't touch it yet so...I don't know if the guy on youtube got the bad qualities or what... I know it's quite old, but I don't have any choices. Thanks....Cheers..
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