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  1. I'm wanting to get another stark G19/s19 but I can't find them anywhere even in Asia. Any idea where to find them?
  2. the cut off is the original and only has 100 shots through it. The contacts look almost equal. I have a new cut off on the way. If it is the contacts, how do I need to bend them? which one should be bent in what way?
  3. I must have missed that notice. Where was it on the website? I just hope I get it prior to the end of April so I can use it in a class.
  4. Yes I paid. they must be busy, I sent the first email like 5 days ago.
  5. I was working on my JG P90 and found that it had a broken wire in the electrics. Instead of soldering and sealing new wires, I just bought a JG wiring harness that came with the trigger. The only problem now is that it only shoots full auto. I put the selector to semi and it still rattles away in full auto. Any thoughts?
  6. Is there a secret to getting an email through? I tried several times to contact them but all I get is an automatic reply that doesn't make much sense. I will give them a few more days but unless I can figure out how to get an email through, I can't cancel my order.
  7. After a week they still show it as packaging. Further the option to cancel is gone. I don't think I will do any more business with WGCShop. I can't even get a return to my email requests.
  8. I am looking for a full face mask that will fit over RX glasses. I am looking to get several pair so multiple people can use them even if they have glasses. They need to be full face. What are some good choices.
  9. I just got a new pistol and am wondering what distance is good to sight in/ adjust the hop up. Any suggestions.
  10. OK. I just hope I get it soon. I am gong to use it for Force on Force and active shooter classes that I have planned.
  11. I ordered a Stark S19 about 5 days ago from WGC Shop with the UPS shipping (supposed to be like 1-2 weeks). The site shows it in stock, but the status for the order hasn't changed. It still shows Packaging. I have sent several requests to them for info but have gotten nothing in return. Is this normal for them?
  12. I will probably get a stark and put it though it's paces. I'll get a few others and do the same. I have an active shooter class with several other people, and we are using airsoft. I will get a few other G clones and see how each does.
  13. Are Stark Arms G19 a good choice? I have seen videos and reviews saying they are good (and that they come with a metal barrel) but I am new to the GBB. I want something that is as close to the real steel as possible because It is what I carry and will use it for training in force on force also.
  14. Do he Stark Arms G19s still come with the plastic and metal barrels? I am asking because I want a metal barrel. I really like the looks of the stark. I will be using it for both games and for my business (force on force and active shooter) and like the ability to fit in Glock holsters.
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