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  1. I appreciate the advice Lefse and others. So rather then attempting something so advanced it sounds like I will get relatively good trigger response with a 30k motor, proper shimming (which I am good at), and a beefy lipo. (or is another set up better?) With a set up like this is an advanced mosfet (Gate Titan or a BTC Specter) worth the cost? Thanks. **Again my entire goal is trigger response NOT RPS. I only use semi.***
  2. Ok. that makes sense. And yes... I am limited to 355 fps with .20 bbs
  3. Hey, So after a lot of research here is what I have decided. Please provide feedback. So again, I am tring to create an AEG that has supper responsive trigger response, but do it at a relatively low cost. >$550 My plan: ASG Infinity cnc U-30000 long axle motor SHS CNC Steal High Speed gear set (12:1) SHS steel tooth high speed lightened piston (probably will Swiss cheese it further) Systema M100 spring irregular pitch G&P shims scarreplot sorbopads - (1/4" / hardness: 40) (to help correct AOE) Retro Arms CZ flat trigger Gate titan airsoft advanced drop in AEG mosfet 11.1 lipo 20c 2000mAh Shim and correct AOE Im planning to put this in a G&G cm16 srs for cost. Will this get me a very fast trigger response (up to parr with a p*) ???? I am NOT concerned with ROF as I play simi only. I know you can not be sure with out a crono, but will this be less than 350 fps with .20 ​Will this get the result I need? Is there any other suggestions for parts?
  4. Thank you very much for all you help with this question. All of the above makes sense. I now have a better view of what needs to be done to achieve my goal. All, Please feel free to continue give advice! I will now go do dome research on my own and when I know exactly what my plan is and what parts I will use I will come back to you all so you can make sure I am on track. Thanks again to all who have helped with this question. I appreciate all the helpful tips and feed back! Also did we decide on going with SSG or DSG ?
  5. ok cool. Ill make a new list and post it soon. is there a specific brand that is best for a custom build? It seems like most people go with VFC or G&P. In my experience G&P always has alignment issues and needs to be shimmed out of the box. They many not be the best for a custom build. What do you all think? I had wondered about just buying a gearbox of whatever brand is best and then building a gun I like around it, but I could start with a full gun? Also, wondering if I can do this build under $600...lets try!
  6. Thanks. For the feed back. I will read and get back to you in a little bit. Will theses parts get me that appropriate performance?
  7. Let me get things started: Lonex 6.03mm Steel Tight Bore Precision Barrel for AEG (Length: 229mm) Maple Leaf AST Airsoft AEG Hopup Rubber Bucking - 75° Lonex Aluminum One Piece Metal Hopup for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles etro Arms CZ Billet CNC 9mm QSC Ver.2 Gearbox Shell for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Black Krytac Trident Series 30K High Torque Motor - Long King Arms 9mm Precision Ball Bearing Bushing for 9mm AEG Gearbox UFC CNC Steel Super High Speed Gear Set (Type: 13:1) Matrix Gold Warrior Light Weight Airsoft AEG Cylinder (Full / Type 0 / All Barrel length) ASG Lonex AEG Gearbox CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head - Ver. 2 (M4 / M16 / SCAR / MP5) Guarder Enhanced Ver.2 Polycarbonate Tappet Plate for M4 / M16 / MP5 / G3 Series Airsoft AEG Lonex Aluminum POM Expanding Piston Head for Standard Airsoft AEG Gearboxes SHS Steel Teeth High Speed Lightened Piston for Airsoft AEG Evike.com Irregular Pitch Airsoft AEG Tune-up Spring - M95 (290~350 FPS) GATE Airsoft NanoHARD Airsoft MOSFET Unit Retro Arms CZ Custom CNC Aluminum Trigger for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Red (Type B) What else should I get? Should I get a different product in place of theses?
  8. I can very easily handle any work needed. I just need to know what the "right parts" are. I can handle modification and am not concerned about getting this together quickly. I am hoping to make this my summer project and am willing to put a lot of time into this. I just need to know what parts I am looking at. Any one able... please provided the recognized parts. I am wishing to increase my knowledge of AEG tech and create an awesome gun when I'm done. I did the same thing when I bought my tm hi capa. I had never done any work on Gbbs and I bought all the parts for a 100% custom build. I assembled the gun and know know how to put to gear a gbb. Since then I have build numerous gbb pistols. I know GBBs and AEGs are very different I am just hoping to do the same thing I did with my Hi capa, except this time I already know to work on AEGs. so PLEASE stop questioning my ability and just answer my question. Thanks again for the help!!!!
  9. I am looking for performance over price. I understand that custom airsoft guns are not cheep. I do not want to spend any unnecessary cost, but am not to concerned with the price. I know how to assemble and dissemble a V2 gear box and have replaced parts before, I just do know have a knowledge what parts to get or how to achieve the performance I am looking for. Thanks for the help!
  10. Oh. Also forgot to add. Fps needs to be below 355 with .20 bbs
  11. Hey, I have played cqb for years. My field is prominently speedsoft with most of the players using P* setups. Currently I use 100% custom TM hicapas. I am now looking to get a rifle; however, I do not want a P*. I hate running a line and tank, and do not like having to get my tank filled before I can play. I am looking to build a V2 gearbox custom aeg (off an existing platform or completely custom) that preforms like a p*. I am mainly looking for trigger response and fast follow up shots. I play simi only so am not concerned with full auto what so ever. What parts do I need (internally) to create such gun? Please provide a FULL internal parts list. Specifics and links preferred and parts from US only please. I know this info exists all ready, but I want it all in one place and want to hear your opinions. Typed on mobile...excuse typos. Best!!
  12. no, but thanks. I forgot about this post.
  13. I did not see this question yet. If this question already has been asked, my apologizes. Just a quick question: What would I need, parts and maintenance wise, to make the WE scar gbbr a good gbbr (for cqb)? I'm not talking like 10k rounds... Im wondering about like 5 years long term. I hear some parts are weak and prone to breaking...what would I need to install right away to prevent this and what will need to be replaced over time?? Please provide all details possible. Thanks for the help!
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