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  1. So can you tell me how diffrent between the spring guide
  2. Ohh ok thanks,so just I need piston and piston head? I wanna change the spring guide to one with ball bearing but I don't know how its diffrent
  3. My fps rifle is around 340-350 coming stock
  4. What abou the piston?http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/upgrade-part/parts-upgrade-aeg/pistons/king-arms-full-teeth-pom-piston.html#.VxVHXBlRXqA
  5. Ok thanks you do you know which spring I have?
  6. Hello, so around one week ago my pistona nd head piston has been broken and I decided to perform an upgrade to my internal parts *I have G&P Ball rifle Short *motor G&P m120 *inner barrel 380MM *Cylinder type 0 what guys you say about the upgrade, and if I need to change something? sorry for bother about my gun(: thanks.
  7. and how number of teeths in the piston influencing? the number of teeths doesnt influencing on tappet plate?
  8. the guader piston all made with teeth from polycarbonate do it good? and last question:how number of teeth piston influencing on the Tappet Plate do I need change it also?
  9. what about the guader piston I need somehting in stock of ehobbyasia
  10. hey guy so, a week ago my piston has been stock at the back of my gearbox so just yesterday I opened the gaerbox the resolve the problem. and saw my piston and head piston has been broken,so I need to order a new one *I have G&P ball rifle (Short) 7.4 lithium battery motor m120 G&P inner barrel 380mm include if I renew my piston and head piston so I wanna to change my cylinder currently I have cylinder type 0 thanks I very need some help
  11. So you say I don't need upgrade? I have now problem in my rifle the piston stock in back and not shotting so I say if I open the gearbox to resolve this problem so I do little upgrade
  12. Not but my stock piston not better and I don't sure if my stock piston will match with other parts I put cylinder, head cylinder,piston head of guarder
  13. Thanks but I prefer from uncompany or ehobby because from evike shipping tom country is very expansive
  14. M4a1 is 365-407 right? So its still fine for me And that what I build I just need piston do you have any advice
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