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  1. What would you recommend then, I have no idea, a lot of people like the m93r, but some say it has reliability issues.
  2. Exactly, it is a POS, but I could use it for a bit. What would you recommend for say a decent CQB MP7 style weapon? I really do like this 93r, but I guess it isn't meant for what I'm doing, right?
  3. Six shots is a no no for me. I am pretty accurate with a hand gun and like those, machine pistols don't really appeal to me, SMGs and PDWs are interesting, but I don't want to get too expensive. I could pick up a cheap G55 from my airsoft store for $25.
  4. Could you recommend me something to use in CQB that is accurate and reliable for under $200?
  5. Hmm, this seems to be very highly reviewed. I really do want an M93R though, and an MP7 just doesn't appeal to me. I think I'll pull the trigger on this guy, the place I play at is very CQB (less than 15 feet). That piece you linked, is there another place to buy it? Also, what does it do?
  6. I'm getting the stock, can you link the steel burst ratchet. So, would you recommend this gun and would I have any problems down the line?
  7. I'll only use 3 round burst occasionally, is there a better 3 round burst option? I like the SMG usability of this gun. Is there anything I could do to improve the mechanism?
  8. Well crap in the sense, it doesn't keep up with the competition, but still can get some good shots off. I just want to know if the upgrade is worth it, I really just want a gun that works and is accurate.
  9. I could sell my 1911 for $130 to my friend and get this guy, I have my reasons for wanting this, but want your opinion. Here's the product: http://www.evike.com/products/30445/
  10. Hey guys, I'm new here so forgive me if I screw something up. I'm planning on purchasing a KWA M93R airsoft pistol because I love the feel of a pistol, but the 3 round burst and ability to use it like an SMG make it a pretty good cross for me. Do you guys know if I am able to replace the iron sights with something like a red dot sight or something? Also, how do you feel this gun will perform or if it is worth it? I currently have a WE Tech 1911 that has basically no original parts that I could sell to a friend for ~$130. Also, any other help would be great, I was told I should replace the O-rings in the gun, what are those exactly? Thanks! Here's a link: http://www.evike.com/products/30445/
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