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  1. Looking to trade FNX 45 Tac by VFC and Cybergun. Gun is new with only one mag shot through it to verify it is in working order. It is the black version. Looking for a Ak or M4 http://www.airsoftgi.com/mobile/product_info.php?products_id=20891 Does not include a red dot or light
  2. I'm not complaining, I just thought it was funny so people may get some amusement. I guess maybe I should have made that clear? I'm not mad or upset, the gun actually has decent value, and if the mages weren't 40$ ea and only 25 rounds I would have kept it.
  3. So I'm a bit new to Airsoft and I only had one gun so I wanted a back up. What better way to get a back up gun and have some fun in the process than ordering a mystery box, or so I thought. The suspense waiting for it to arrive was admittedly fantastic! But then it arrived... A FN 45 Tactical by Cyber Gun and vfc... And a 8 dollar coupon for my next purchase... I honestly don't think I could have gotten a worse gun in the entire lineup. Moral of the story... Anyone want to trade a GBB pistol for a working or broken AEG?
  4. What are you looking to achieve with this
  5. Fantastic response, I currently have the gears short stroked 2 teeth, and I'm not getting any PME. My chrono and the chrono at the feild are quite a bit off from each other with mine reading about 14-20 fps hotter than theirs. On my chrono I'm shooting 320-327 and on theirs 300-310 so I'm not entirely sure if I want to jump up to the 110 from the 100 I currently have in the gun. When I go play this weekend I will make sure to fire several shots between my chrono and theirs to get a good gauge on the split between the two and decide from their if I want to step up to the m110. For my setup to be optimized with the correct spring a m110 is what you would reccomend though even if I have to take down a third tooth to stay under 330 correct? Thanks for the information.
  6. That should be fine specially if your running a dual signal wire fet. Edit : From Google "Alloys commonly used for electrical soldering are 60/40 Tin/lead (Sn/Pb) which melts at 188 °C (370 °F) and 63/37 Sn/Pb used principally in electrical/electronic work. The 63/37 is a eutectic alloy, which: has the lowest melting point (183 °C or 361 °F) of all the tin/lead alloys"
  7. Not sure how adding a peice of plastic between the two trigger contacts is going to shorten your trigger pull. But yes the plastic peice that the trigger pushes forward (the trolley) is where I personally made modification. I added soldier to make the contact on the trolley longer and Then smoothed it down to side with a file and some sand paper.
  8. add soldier to the end of the trolley, file and smooth the edges so you don't tare up the trigger contacts. I may be opening up my gearbox again today to swap out springs, If I do I can take some pictures if you would like. If you have a MOSFET with active braking you may be able to remove the cutoff lever and add liquid metal/jbweld/fastsetting epoxy to the portion of the trigger that contacts the trigger trolley.
  9. not really the question, but if I have a build that isn't optimized id like to be able to correct it you know what I mean?
  10. So my question IS, which is a better route to go? A m100 with a gear set that has been short stroked 2 teeth already to achieve 300 fps, or a m120 and short stroke another tooth off the piston and sector? My local feild has a 330 max fps rule. Disclaimer, I was previously running a matrix turbo 29000 rpm motor with a nukefet wired fuseless and burnt up the commutator due to a jam in the box. But was getting 31 rps in a xcortech 3200. Am I missing the RPS boat somewhere? I know not having a polycarb piston head, and a none swiss cheesed piston are most likely hurting my RPS but I'm not sure how much and id rather not replace and modify them if I'm only going to be gaining 1-3 rps. Build list Lonex blue piston Matrix double o ring metal cylinder head Matrix metal piston head (considering switching to poly) Stock cylinder Shs air nozzle Guarder poly tappet plate Siegetek 14.09:1 SSG gears Gate nanoHARD fet 11.1 25-50c 1200 mah lipo Lonex A2 motor Thanks in advance - "The Mechanic"
  11. I don't have experience with the CYMA M4, and I am admitedly new to Airsoft so take this information for what it is. For my first Airsoft gun I choose a CYMA 035a, after extensive research and repeatedly seeing posts saying CYMA AKs are top notch! Out of the box on a 9.6 Nickle battery it stripped the spur gear on the sector gear after about 200 bbs. I was suprised even further when I opened up the gear box to find nearly zero air seal, with the worst aoe I would imagine possible.Then when attempting to remove the muzzle break the front sight assembly disintegrated in my hand like a dried up dirt clod. BUT don't let that deter you, the exterior LOOK of the 035a was top notch. Now after replacing the gears with a set of siegetek 14.09:1's, a lonex half steel rack piston, matrix cylinder and piston head lonex a2 motor and all of the rest of the internals (along with a new all steel echo 1 muzzle break and front sight assembely) I am VERY satisfied with my CYMA CM035a. Needless to say I will be purchasing a either polarstar or a very nice high end gun to avoid this ongoing headache with my CYMA. Moral of the story... You get what you pay for.
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