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    Hong Kong, Where CA guns sold here are terible and unreasonably pricey if they are not on sale which they do every two months

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    CA4KM10 DMR(Currently having horizontal inconsistency issues) JG BAR10 (WIP) Phoenix G17L (Phoenix is a Hong Kong Gunsmith who teamed up with Bell to produce this beast of a Glock) WE G18
  1. so would an AEG Barrel nut work on WA spec receivers?
  2. do the teflon/electrical tape mod, basically wrapping the barrel so it has less vibration and "straightens" the inner barrel (if your outer barrel wasn't crooked at the start). that should force the barrel back to the right straightness
  3. I am using .3s with the Modify ryosoku flat hop set (Black bucking) at 1.32j(378 with 0.2). I will take the hopup pic this Friday also, a pic of the grouping。 thxs
  4. So I went ahead and installed a Miracle Barrel as My friends recommend and did some barrel stabilisation, and this is the grouping I achieve in 7 meters(we have no space lol) It's a 2 inch by 1 inch grouping, And I have no Idea why the vertical inconsistency is so big compared to the horizontal inconsistency. Please help
  5. Its tight, Is one piece, guess that its the barrel's problem in material
  6. I've opted for the free float and now I found that the barrel is wobbly the extent that you can notice it. is there a way to clamp down the barrel with the rail?
  7. basically, DMR build, and I am now undecided either have a non free-float handguard woth said "less wobble and less vibration" or free float handguard with "handguard vibration not effecting the barrel
  8. thanks for the input. I am currently in the process of asthetic modifications that is going to change the outer barrel to the BD aluminum 9 inch barrel and a new silencer. Also not that the pin holding the arm as the pivot point is slightly bent (but I installed it so it does not bend in the vertical direction).
  9. I am choleric and Melancholy----Guess the reason I am depressed all the time...
  10. Hi ASF. I am building a DMR project and I noticed a weird thing. My shots are just flying in a strange way. I had Flat hopped my gun and the bbs starting to have a strange grouping on almost 20 meters. The Vertical grouping is fine, but the bbs would curve to the left for 5 shots. then It starts to curve left. after some 20 shots it starts to resume to a consistent grouping. I didn't change the Hopup Unit nor mod it cuz The CA Metal Rotary hopup of mine has been built so well (Which is a rare case In Hong Kong LOL) that there is little to no gap between the arm and the unit, and the arm isn't going anywhere. the FPS change is so small that the chrono didn't record the change half the time. Can you guys help?
  11. Realy though, Not much money was spent on guns and gear, the most were for internal parts and some techs to help me out when I seriously muck up/ unable to do the modifications myself due to a lack of resources. Gun: CA KM10(planning on getting a 416 upper receiver and build a DMR out of it)-$126 Phoenix Glock 17L Race Gun(A product from a gunsmith in Hong Kong based on BELL G17)-$112 Gear: TMC JPC-$38 Tan Belt-$12 Mich 2001-$58 Eye pro-$25 Chinese CU-$19 Knee Pads-$10 Gloves-$11 Mags: 3 P-mags(PTS, My friend gave me because he now runs a HK416 and he no longer uses it) 5 King Arms Mid caps (With Magpul rubber, also hand me downs by another friend who left Hong Kong) Accessories: Aimsports 1-4x(and again, the hand me down of the generous friend who left Hong Kong)Parts(now here is the big one) Prommy barrel-$52 Modify Ryusoku Flat Hop-$10.50 SHS 18:1-$33.55 SHS 15teeth piston-$12.77 SHS cylinder-$8.90 SHS M110-$7.10 And More to Come...
  12. Futuristic parts for existing guns! (M4 stock, Handguards& muzzle break)
  13. After reading some of the stories written on the forum, I decided to have a go I know I am bad at writing but just bear with me. Also, give me some feedback so I can decide on whenever to upload the next chapter Prologue 17/8/20xx 1300 Operation Barbarossa “I function as a rifleman in normal operations. But when the need arises, whenever there is a threat my team cannot kill, An HVT that will possibly ruin the entire OP, or even just besieged, I will always be there to provide consistent and pinpoint accuracy and range. I am a Rifleman. I am a Designated Marksman”-Justin, the real one who wrote this story and who the main character was modeled after Justin loads four mid caps magazines. ”I wouldn’t need more than that” he thought,”If I need more than that, Either I am in deep sh*t, or I am not worthy of my role”. He shoved the three mid caps in his JPC kangaroo pouch and have his last mid-cap loaded in his trusty Classic Army KM10 DMR build. He walked to the tuning range, set up the target, and did some testing just to make sure the settings are alright. the shots seemed to be under hopped. He pulled the charging handle which has its spring removed for easy Hopup adjustments and started adjusting the Hopup. when he is done, he pushed the charging handle forward, bringing the dust cover over the hop up dial to protect it from accidental bumps. He looked down to his watch. “15 Minutes till the start of game.”he murmured, “gotta get the team briefing goin’”. he grabbed his gun, slung it on his back, then walked back to the prep area. “Task Force 0!” Justin called, “hustle!” As he called, four more people joined him. Penuel, the guy whose half a head taller than him with his Amoeba 007 asked “Whats the objective?” “Everything but mercy, I guess” the Explosive expert of their team, Ming said. “whoa calm down son,” the breacher, Matthew with his G3 SAS rumbled, “this is not a TDM game” Justin sighed, and said, “Unfortunately, it is a PC*.” Yuri the LMG gunner protested “PCs again!” “Ok guys, calm down.” Justin exclaimed, “Our objective is to flank the Opfor, take down the enemies at the white house and wait for 103 squads. Further instructions will be given then. Ming, get the smokes and concussions. I want three of them each. Matthew, get the shield. we will be breaching in the white house. Yuri, bring another drum, and a mid cap. Intel said that they have HMGs# set on top of the white house. Penuel, bring more mags with you. we will need those.” “Hoorah!” they roared, and went to get what Justin ordered them to. Yuri picked up his RPK DSG build, slung it on his back, and loaded the other drum and a mid cap, while Ming loaded the concussions with 12grams CO2 cartridge. *PC: Acronym of Point capture, a gamemode where teams capture all points (building, flagpole, ect) to win # HMG: Acronym of Heavy machine gun, in which cas was classified as guns thatt are capable of carrying more than 3500 bbs, achieving 35+RPS and are mounted on a tripod/veichle.
  14. http://www.aipairsoft.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=138 Any experience with this? Is it Active breaking? Do they worth the price? Thxs for the info
  15. I have those really soft gloves with me on the battlefield for one and one reason only-- to catch a cyclone grenade and return it to it's owner I got the idea from one of my friends successfully catching a cyclone and throwing it back to where it came from, did not get a kill, but really lit. I then bought some soft glove for my next game where I am sure the enemies have the cyclone grenades. I managed to catch a cyclone, fake It's blast (by firing my GBB pistol), pull a flank off, yelled "Surprised, Motherf*cker" and literally slapped that thing onto his helmet. THE MOST LIT KILL EVER
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