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  1. Hi, guys I just got my first air soft gun today. I was testing it out when I tried to change the hopup. I saw no difference and so I turned it up more, it did not do anything. but the more I adjusted it it shot slower. Then it made a weird noise and the gun jammed. this happened twice. I then turned down the hopup and it shot regularly. Then after a few shots the battery died (it was brand new, just arrived so I think it was not fully charged) I just really want to know if I damaged my gun? Thanks guys!
  2. what would you recommend for $200?
  3. After a ton of research I have decided I am probably going to get this http://www.evike.com/products/61398/ but I hear a bunch of people saying that they really like kwa...and some who hate them...Ive noticed that alot of the posts from the people who hate them are from about 5 years ago, is this just because they had a couple problems back then? I feel like people either hate of love them? Please any input would be good? (pros/cons) Also, if you have a better option for $200, I am interested...Thanks Guys!
  4. Hey guys...being an x paintball player...I have really loved airsoft and wanted to get a gun for about $200...I am looking for a dmr or anything I can use in a field. Every time I look into a company the people always say that the company horrible. Are there any recommendations on a good gun to get for the price...I have been looking into echo 1 and king arms. Please...what do you think is a good company to get for the price. I want something that would last. So what do you think is the best performer for the price. Here is what I am looking at http://www.evike.com/products/40529/
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