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  1. For increasing gas output, the only way I know of is by getting a high-flow valve like this: https://www.evike.com/products/68186/
  2. ::EDIT:: You will have better luck getting answers in the Upgrades/Modifications subforum: https://www.airsoftforum.com/forum/89-upgrades-amp-modifications/ I have no idea if this works, so proceed at your own risk, but I recall hearing someone either swapping out a GBB recoil spring for a weaker, less stiff spring to allow harder blowback or they took a match/bunsen burner to a small part of the middle of the spring to weaken it. Not sure if that’s even an option for your model, mind you.
  3. Yeah, I tried it once but couldn’t figure out the interface. Then again, I was just tinkering during downtime and probably would have been able to understand it if I just watched some YouTube tutorials, heh.
  4. Thanks! I’m mechanical, using SolidWorks at work and in my free time.
  5. I took a break from airsoft about 4 years back. I was still working at Walmart while sloooooowwwwly getting my drafting degree, and thus my hours and days off never gave me time to airsoft. Sold or gave away all my gear/guns but never officially said ‘farewell’ to the hobby. During the last 4yrs I got into collecting and customizing higher-end action figures. It was a fun hiatus rekindling some nostalgia of figures from beloved franchises, but now that I’m starting to make good money as a draftsman with weekends off I’ve finally decided to get back into the sport. Out from one rabbit hole and back into another... XP
  6. I’m looking for an AEG M1 Garand or M14 without the gearbox and battery. I still need everything else inside and outside the gun intact and functional (scratches or minor damage to externals can be overlooked). I would prefer an M14 with the classic stock (fake or real wood), but an EBR will also be acceptable. Fake or real wood stocks on an M1 Garand also equally fine. For calculating shipping, I live in USA zip code 30017 and can do local pick-ups within reasonable driving distances.
  7. To paraphrase Calvin, "Sometimes I think the surest sign of intelligent life is that no one has tried to contact us yet".
  8. I feel that if we manage to come into contact with ANY extraterrestrial lifeforms, it'll require microscopes and quarantine protocols to even get near them without diseasing them from our own planet's microbes. As old as the universe is estimated to be, stars took billions of years to develop. Those stars were in an early eons of the universe that hadn't formed all the currently known matter on the Periodic Table. When the first-gen stars supernova'd, some resulted in second-gen stars (like our own) but the supernova also had created new matter that would for some of these new stars create something new: planets. Our own Earth formed from the same mass of supernova 'dust' that created our sun first, forming new matter to fill the still short list of atomic elements later. If anything, I'd say it's safer to estimate any intelligent extraterrestrials out there are probably only a century or two ahead or behind us technologically. The collapse of the Wester Roman Empire and the onset of Feudalism through the Roman Catholic Church stymied scientific progress and kept literacy to a minimum for centuries in Europe. Imagine if the printing press didn't get created until another century later than it originally did? Or if Western Rome collapsed much EARLIER. Alternate history theories can go in so many different pathways. All it takes is a tyrant oppressing just a bit more so than usual and you could have a revolt or a longer-lasting peasantry. A pandemic like the Black Plague on another planet could wipe out scores of nation-states and leave you with a highly bottle-necked gene-pool that could result in too many bad mutations being introduced from incestuous breeding that leaves you with a far less intelligent society for a longer time. That's why I don't buy into the idea of races of alien beings actually being technologically advanced. I'd say at best they're probably in diesel-age technology and at worst still living like small colonies pf Paleolithic people with no advanced culture or innovation having occured yet still.
  9. Build a Ruger Mini-14 (Or AC556) airsoft rifle that ISN'T based from an M14 or Garand receiver.
  10. In contrast, yes. But 'very hard'? It doesn't take much to build good arm-strength to minimalize that obstacle. Forward-grips on a shotgun can also aid in easy of pumping in general.
  11. Of games I've actually played? Probably the Bullseye from Resistance: Fall of Man. That or the Folsom M5a2 Carbine from the same series. Both were my rifles of choice in Resistance 1&2 (never got or played #3). Gotta love the Bullseye's secondary-fire option of tagging an OPFOR to have your shots home in on them even if you're not aiming at them.
  12. Just curious, what sort of things do you guys do for hobbies outside of airsoft? I don't get to play airsoft these days due to my schedule so I use my free time to tinker with possible airsoft systems and ideas either in my workshop or on SolidWorks (3D CAD software). If I'm not doing any of those things, I draw and write scifi/anime stuff now and then for fun. Recently though I've gotten into modifying old Aliens action figures I used to collect as a kid (I never outgrew my love for the movies). Currently I'm trying to make a more poseable copy of the Kenner Scorpion Alien and the Newborn Alien from 'Alien Resurrection' by making molds of sections of the figures and using epoxy putty to make the castings.
  13. It SEEMS that it would count as a BB device of non 6mm/8mm calibers(Item (3) in the law), but I was under the impression that most (if not all) quality BB's were just under 6mm exactly to begin with for tolerance-clearance purposes. I wonder if the 6mm/8mm caliber classification is not so much for the ammo itself but what the inner barrel is CAPABLE of expelling caliber-wise at its maximum. That seems to be the reasoning for why paint-markers are exempt from the coloration since they are intended for 10mm and up.
  14. This subforum is for springers, lower-end MPEGs, LPEGS, non-AEP mini-electric pistols, and low-quality electric pistols that often times have a 'blowback' mechanism. Think of the cheap, virtually all-plastic electric pistols that are a far lower quality than CYMA AEP's and usually made in China. THOSE are the type of EBB's this forum entails. The gun this thread pertains to is a full-fledged AEG with an blowback mechanism.
  15. You're also in the wrong forum section. This section is for spring guns and LPEGs. You will have better luck posting this in the AEG section.
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