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  1. Thanks, yeah multiple people on my dutch forums say the same, the difference in conduction is negligible and especially because you never use it over long periods anyway. I use metric so we use a 2.8 x 0.5 or x 0.8 I ordered a few of both to see which fit better, not really a problem as they are dirt cheap.
  2. These things are a pain in the :censored2: to acquire due them being so overpriced, 10 for 8,50 euro's is quite a lot of money for some simple spade connectors :|. The problem I am running into is that all the so called airsoft motor connectors are gold plated brass, while every spade connector I can find are only tinned brass. So my question is if someone knows if this gold plating is actually doing something in terms of conducting the current or that it is purely a marketing scheme and that tinned brass will function fine as well? I like to know as I can get 100 tinned spade connectors for the price of 10 gold plated ones. I can understand the price difference but if their is no performance improvement with the golden connectors then what is the point, marketing scheme of airsoft shops?
  3. airsoftpeak.com has a sale on SHS parts but they are based in singapore so it might also result in a long shipping time, for europe it takes 1.5-2 weeks for it to arrive. I don't know which bearings or bushings you want to buy but if they are SHS 8 mm bushings then I can't recommend them.
  4. I can confirm this for many other people that also have feeding issues with their stock hop up unit even with the G&G midcaps :|. I first changed to a prowin which also didn't work great with the G&G midcaps and then to a lonex V2 hop up unit and it works flawless with the G&G midcaps en hi caps feeding every bb. Also recently bought a set of 5 ares midcaps as they were only 7,50 euro's per mag.
  5. Thanks it worked now have it at IPB default. Yeah I pressed the submit button too many times.
  6. Sorry for the double post and also yeah white sorry, but still I rather just have a white back ground with black letters. IMO more comforting to read then this.
  7. The OP stated that PDI barrels are not good, has this changed over the years as nowadays if you google on them you find a lot more positive reviews of their TBB barrels?
  8. I just joined and was already reading the forum without being a member but the moment I logged in the forum overlay changed to some balck and white one with call of duty pictures in the back ground. Is there any way to turn this off as it is really hard to read black letters with a dark gray background to them? Also semi welcome I am new here I like teching so I needed a forum to ask questions and as there are no good dutch speaking forums for this I ended up on this international one. I hope I enjoy my time on this forum :).
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