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  1. The name is seriously Alex Ketchum, yes I have been born with the last name that will forever consist of references to pokemon for the rest of my life! Nah, it's all good to be perfectly honest. Hell it's a conversation starter after all. Anyway though, currently I am in Korea for about six more months and will come back Fort Hood, Texas. I am excited to finally come back and be able to airsoft once again. Airsofting is something that I really miss doing, and it's definitely a hobby that I am going to continue having a blast in. As of now, my favorite airsoft gun that I own is a Halo assault rifle replica because I am massive fan. Even though I no longer own an Xbox and mostly just play on PC, but back on topic! Right now I am having the assault rifle upgraded so it can be a kick-:censored2: looking gun and yet effective. Eventually I totally plan in cosplaying as a particular soldier from Halo and airsofting like that, not sure if I wanna go Spartan, ODST or just a plain ol UNSC trooper that gets killed really easily XD. I will probably just be a UNSC trooper because I can relate to that lol. Other than that, I will soon be leaving Texas to get stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky so that's exciting! Feel free to add me on skype and if you have a steam feel free to add me there as well! I look forward to talking to you all and woot!
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