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  1. Is propane and propylene realy the same thing? Sorry for being so wague, aside from weather conditions I usually get prophylen this: from my local AS shop but its kind of expensive unlike propane : wich is half the price for same amount. I was more concerned about the presure of the gas and how it does with gas seals. I hear propane is quite agresive to the rubber. Is that a hoax ? (the blue one isnt in any AS shop around here so I was concerned there was a reason why)
  2. - what efects on hardware and preformance ? (WE gun)
  3. - have WE gun - propyline twice as expencive as propane - what efect on hardware and preformance ?
  4. here's an cool holster http://www.socomtactical.net/DTD-MK23-Pistol-Locking-retention-holster-Black
  5. in my country no one cares. Its realy popular to stick m190s in to MGs
  6. so what is the max M150 ? ill probably buy a new M130 anyway to be safe
  7. hey guys I thinking about changing my spring... but I also saw people puting M190´s in. whould the standart gearbox (wheels, piston, motor and shell) take such presure?
  8. 1 and 3/4 is just the firsth time then it cycles form 3/4 to 3/4 +- of the normal one (the nozzle is almost all way extended) so when the cycle starts it firsth fires and then chambers another bb
  9. hey I have this problem, I got an M150 spring for my G&G sr25 (only semi) with 32:1 wheels on a high torque/speed motor with a li-pol 11,1 V. When I fire, it draws the piston 1 and 3/4 insted of 1. With a M120 it fires twice. what should I do ?
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