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  1. Went with the cheaper 179€ G&G, seems the best , if its the same as the 230€ one, just with a scope and longer rail,already ordered extra rail coverings, battery and a grip :)
  2. same gun...different cosmetic. that clears a lot xd So all "CMs" have have the same "base", but different external? CYMA AEG? you mean the DBoys or SpecnaArms one? thanks for answer
  3. But the barrels can be replaced ,right? (outside barrel)
  4. So im a beginner airsofter :) I found these M4s, if you could tell my pros and cons of each , help me chose which one and why would be great? First I wanted to get this one:http://www.airsoft-store.si/elektro-m416/176-dboys-m4-a1-ris-full-metal.html which I ordered yesterday, and now canceled it. http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152200253-CM16-Raider-L-carbine-replica-black.html http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152201264-CM16-R8-L-Carbine-Replica-Black.html http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152205885-SA-B13-KeyMod-10-Carbine-Replica.html
  5. managed to find G&G M4s for 170€ should I go for it rather? http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152200253-CM16-Raider-L-carbine-replica-black.html http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152201264-CM16-R8-L-Carbine-Replica-Black.html http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152205885-SA-B13-KeyMod-10-Carbine-Replica.html
  6. Well DBoys and A&Ks im looking at , they are full metal and have more atachments making them look better, how are those two I listed above?
  7. I live in slovenia, so central europe. thanks for your help. CYMAS cost from 130€ -> 180€ and A&Ks and DBoys are around 200€-250€ , in the stores here
  8. Im looking for a good quality M4 with a rail. My budget is around 200€. these two models felt in my eyes: http://www.airsoft-store.si/elektro-m416/192-ak-m4-ris-full-metal.html Translated :P :Replica of a reinforced gearbox version 2 , a metal bushing , steel gears and metal hop -up chamber . The kit also includes an outer casing of the battery , the battery ( NiMH 8,4V 1500mAh ) and, of course charger . The measured output speed is excellent replicas 410 fps . http://www.airsoft-store.si/elektro-m416/176-dboys-m4-a1-ris-full-metal.html Translated: The interior of the replica: 7mm reinforced gearbox bearings, steel gears, antivacuum piston head in classic motor FOR V2 Metal hop up chamber. Hop -up : adjustable , metal , one-piece chamber How is the quality, can I get more for the price,cqb versions of these two? mostly I found bad things about these two brands, G&G ,tokio etc.(what you will probobly suggest) are either very expensive here or are not avalible. Thanks for your help!
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