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  1. Alberty, the Alpha series is the absolute bare minimum AEG they offer. They have aluminum receivers, but they aren't the more boxy billet style used in the upper ranges. They seem to also advertise that the motor is lower-teir and the spring is softer. Upper-ranges also get: Custom grip Custom trigger design Standard keymod rail system Matched barrel length to rail length Larger rubber butt stop (maybe for better battery capacity?) The difference is $70, that means you can get in for under $300 after tax! Besides, I'm just going to strip everything off and jack it up anyway, so why go for premium features I'm just going to toss? Whichever gun I get I am going to upgrade the spring to break 400fps. mrbeny, post a video already. Question What unique M4/M16 uppers are out there that fit the V2 system with a matching lower? I like the slabside M16 (pre-A1, absolute first issue Colt) and I wouldn't mind something that lacked any of the following: charging handle, forward assist, brass deflector, dust-cover. As I said, I treat my airsoft guns as toys and NONE of these replicated "features" serve any purpose in this hobby, so if I can't find one that's more plain or unique, I'll just mod it and delete them.
  2. My point is that I want less delay between trigger-pull and landing the hit. I hate watching a BB soar as it slows down more and more over a 200' travel. I think it takes nearly 3 seconds to land a BB on a 100' target with .32's. That's just a rough guess from YEARS AND YEARS ago, but I never liked counting seconds. A little more muzzle energy should help cut that down so I'm going for a MINIMUM of 400fps. That being the goal, wouldn't 6.03 cause less turbulence and leakage? Which hop-up housing would you pair with that bucking? Can it be dropped into a stock Krytac housing? Also, with the stock springs the Alpha CRB is maxing out at 310fps. The Trident CRB maxes out at 385fps, with the only differences (I'm told) being the motor and spring. I believe the Trident has a m110. I gotta break 400fps or else I'm just going to sell my Xbox and get a job.
  3. Krytac CRB Alpha series m120 spring 6.03mm barrel upgraded hop-up What barrel and hop-up will simply blow my geezer mind? Does this sound like something that would achieve 400fps and consistently smack a tin cooking tray from 200'? For you young snipper whappers, take a look at what I'm talkin' bout boiiiii! You kids just don't know!
  4. That's a bit ridiculous, my setup has never opened a riff in time, however it's not hard to imagine the factory electrics igniting a DeLorean by this time. Those things were heaving soups of turd.
  5. It also guarantees an interesting Saturday night, every time! Ok so no objection to buying a CYMA M4 and connecting two 6,000mah 12.8v batteries in parallel? I mean we were talking about air guns at one point, right?
  6. Look, we can agree that the cartel are animals, but to throw them under the curtain of animal rights is unreasonable. It's practically every week that people are found in our town with hands, limbs, heads missing or vice-versa. Some days you get a torso, some days you get a head, once there was just two hands tied around the person's....private member and nothing else. I have no problem with where these people are from or their culture or even that they might be looking for a better life, it's the ruthless violence that kinda makes me uneasy. I'm curious to know how many cartel caravans cross into Tennessee...
  7. Illegal immigration is a real issue in my part of the US. The coyotes bring extreme violence and corruption with them. Yes we can build that wall!
  8. Thanks, I am picking up a KWA M9 GBB. I do not nor have I ever liked fake recoil weight-slingers though. When I plink with a pistol it's to replace range-time. When I plink with the AEG it's to hone a skill. I enjoy being able to reach out and touch stuff without killing my neighbors and wildlife. Sometimes I get coyotes too and it's fun to watch them run and holler after taking a burst of 20rnds to the :censored2:.
  9. Ported piston, not cylinder. I see that the stock piston head is indeed ported...
  10. OK. I tried it in the store with a 7.4v and it really rips nuts. I just wanted to push the limit as I do. Again, aesthetics and realism move to the back of the bus, or get off, why are you on this ride any way, we don't even make a stop in that part of town. Thanks for jumping in. I was thinking I may as well get the whole SHE-BANG because she bangs so well. For about $250, that's a HOT starting point, so yes. The only thing I think I would do is re-shim the gears, get a ported piston, and if the spring is under 120 I'd upgrade that. I don't see why not, it's practically free energy. Those gears could munch through stale fries from McD's, and those are known to be considered weapons in some states. I don't need the pre-cocking, I just wouldn't rest unless I knew. I don't want braking....I just don't. What sort of performance have you peoples gotten with different barrel lengths and diameters? I would think a tighter bore would allow less leakage past the BB and therefore more energy behind it, up to the point that the barrel is too long and thus it has to push air out of its way on the way out. So.....anybody have any actual numbers? I guess I'd be pumping out something like .30's or .32. Things have come a long way but my old M16 could shatter glass bottles at 50 feet and drop cats out of trees. I've saved a lot of troubled kitties out there. Who knows where that thing is now. It's probably been recked and chewed to pieces, or painted all sorts of fruity colors, you know, like black or something.
  11. I have learned that much. The FPS is not for accuracy, it's for the delay between launching and landing. How easy is it to tell when the LiPo has had enough without damaging it? Anybody against the 12.8v battery?
  12. I haven't touched an airsoft gun in over 8-years. I seem to have dropped out just as soon as Echo 1 hit the scene. In fact, if anybody that I know is still playing, I may have somebody recognize me. Suddenly I have a lot of time off of work and idle hands. I've thought about how I would get back into the hobby and just start tuning a real fun plinker. I don't play, I just like target shooting and tuning. I went into a local shop and they immediately recommended this new "Krytac" company. I was super impressed at how quickly things have taken off. MOSFET's, LiPo's, reliable hi-caps, the world done got itself in one big hurry. So tell me if I'm crazy and post disclaimers for what might essentially be a "noob". My plan: Purchase Krytac gearbox and motor (ferite magnets) Upgrade to 120 spring for FPS Upgrade to 6.01mm tightbore 360-ish length (M4-ish size) Drop this into some entry-level AR body, like a JG/Echo 1 (my favorite when they came out) Questions: Does the Krytec have any pre-cocking function? Does it have any motor braking function? Does it have a LiPo monitor? Should I install an inline fuse? There is such thing as having too short or too long a barrel. With a 6.01mm bore and clocking about 380-400fps range, what sort of barrel would I get the best range/grouping with? I liked the Trident MK2 size but didn't like that it was handicapped for CQB. I would aim more for the CRB gearbox configuration, but overall accuracy and range would dictate the length I go for. Which barrel length will do it? If I went with a better rare-earth motor, could I pull off throwing a 12.8v 6000mah LiFe battery into it? Don't think too long about how it would fit, I treat my AEG's like toys, they don't have to look realistic, so I don't fear having the battery exposed or externally mounted. I was thinking of this antigravity, it's smaller than a 3.5" hard drive. Thanks everybody, I'm glad to get back into it and rip. Just help me not look like an old divorced dude going out to the club for the first time in 28-years and wearing his finest polyester leisure suit...
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