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  1. G36c has limited battery space. I don't like have originaly they have put the wires. I want to change the way how they stand in my gun, so I need to throw away tad extra wire part, but base wire are to short.
  2. I did paper test and everything seem ok! Paper didn't move. About wires. I need to chose between these two silicon wires: 1. 16 AWG 0.06*483*3.0mm 2. 16 AWG 0.08*252*3.0mm I have only very basic knowledge in electronic, so I have no idea what means 483 or 252. From google I get it is conductor number or something like that, but I have no idea if bigger number is better or worse. The conductor number is amount of that metal peace in wire right? I want to change all wires to these, including gearbox wires.
  3. Ok. Thank you! Will try and then inform you what results I got. PS. Could you give me an information which of those wires would be better for my G36C? As I understand 16 AWG would be ok and its available right in the shop, but what is better 0.06 or 0.08? Or better you could suggest wires from ebay. Thank you!
  4. Shs aluminium nozzle. Same lengh as my previous. Forgot rubber name, but it was good too
  5. I didnt changed the spring. In stock I have m110. I changed only nozzle and put teflon tape around cylinder head. Ah and yes I have changed hop up rubber too. I tested with preasure, finger on nozzle and push piston in cylinder. Everything is ok with that
  6. I understand that, but I would like to fix it somehow. Im afraid that wrong nozzle cycle impacts my FPS. With good compresion (with stock m110 spring) I get only 328 FPS what I think is a bit too small. I would like to achieve that after shoot is made my nozzle is forward as it should be not back.
  7. Ok! Thank you! But is there really no way to fix it?
  8. So its ok, that nozzle is inside when spring is decompressed? I don't need to worry about it? It will not damage nozzle spring? ( that spring what puls back nozzle holder :D)
  9. Hi again. I have problem with my nozzle. After cycle it stay inside, not outside. First off all I tough its because of wrong shimming, motor height, bad nozzle. So I adjusted motor height as it should be, shimmed gears as they should be, even changed nozzle to better one, lubricate everything what needed with silicon grease. But still get the same problem. As I read it could be, because of motor "over power" or something like that (I have stock motor. G36C CYMA) and gears over spin and do not stop in right place. And read that MOSFIT could fix my problem, do I really need MOSFEt for 8.4v nimh battery? Here is video with similar problem like mine: As you can see, nozzle stay inside after cycle.
  10. I think, I will start with compression, and then will see if I need stronger spring. I have some questions: 1. For my G36C, do I need long or short cylinder head? 1.1. what do you think about these ones?: Long: http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152195309-Glowica-cylindra-do-G36-v-3-Long-type-SHS.html Short: http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152195313-Glowica-cylindra-do-G36-v-3-Short-type-SHS.html 2. What nozzle do I need? Plastic or Aluminum? 2.1. What do you think about those? : Plastic: http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152197738-A-sealed-Bore-Up-nozzle-for-the-G36C-replica-series.html Aluminum: http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152195348-Uszczelniona-dysza-do-G36.html Why plastic is expensive than aluminium? Thanks!
  11. Ok! Will buy m120 spring.
  12. Its spring good enought? With this two I will get around 400fps?
  13. Hi! I just bought G36C (CM011). It has around 350 FPS. MAX FPS for my country is around 400, just a bit above. Of course I would like to reach max fps, what would I need to change? Ok I know I need m120 spring, but from the rest, what I would need to change to get better results and protect my gun from unexpected broken parts? any suggestions? Thanks!
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