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  1. Yeah, I just tried it as a quick attempt. Unfortunately commercial delayers don't seem to fit the stock peg that's currently in there.
  2. Oh, sorry, I meant the mag feeds fine in his AK. Same issue in mine.
  3. This is the same sector gear as I have, I have mimicked the peg and put it in the hole to the left of the stock peg. This should, in theory, delay the nozzle, and allow the BB to properly feed. Another possible issue may be that the stock peg is delaying *too* much, and causing the nozzle not to meet the back of the BB in time for the firing? I appreciate the help guys.
  4. it's a circular peg, dimensionally identical to the one in the gear. I put it in the next hole, to provide delay. This however had no effect on the firing, and the issue was the same.
  5. It sits pretty of the edge by around 0.1mm-0.2mm. This is enough to stop a BB passing when it's idle, however when it's pulling back the nozzle ready to fire, the BB drops in. Is this the issue? Or is the spring in the mag able to provide the loading speed as the nozzle pulls back?
  6. When sat idle, it sits slightly above the metal inner of the air nozzle. When firing, it pulls the air nozzle back all the way, releases it, and then leaves it sat a little bit further forward again. It is around 1-2mm from the steps in the front of the nozzle. Is this within tolerance or would this be the cause? If this is the case, I guess a possible remedy could be a slightly shorter spring?
  7. I meant wasting money in buying random parts that may not fix anything. The pin in the sector gear is already larger than the ones I've seen on the net. I just turned up another steel pin and fitted it into the next hole available. I then greased it with some light grease, so that shouldn't have an issue on the tappet plate. But like I said, it hasn't done a thing, the issue is still *exactly* the same.
  8. Hi guys, Have an AK here, with an issue that I'd like some advice on. People may have come across this before. The issue is, on fully auto, the AK misses multiple shots, as well as firing multiple BBs on some shots, or basically rolling BBs out of the barrel. I stripped the gun down and (as I had no clue on the brand) discovered it has (99.9% sure) a CYMA V2 gearbox in. I disassembled this, as there may just be an obvious issue. I have tried a different mag, from a friend, which works perfectly in his AK. This was my first port of call. I then disassembled the gearbox and checked as mentioned. Nothing obvious, so I then extended the sector gear delay, with an extra peg, in case the air nozzle wasn't holding back for long enough. This hasn't fixed the issue at all. I manufactured the peg myself so haven't wasted money so far, and rather than waste money, I'd much rather ask someone who's experienced in AEG repair. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tom
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