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  1. If internally/parings/tollerances are of the same quality I'll opt for the a&k. Thx you for help!
  2. THX you for your help! I'll go for the modify One forum better externals
  3. Hi, I divided my adivce request in two posts. Along with a "short" gun for everyday use, I'd like to experiment joule creep builds with an elongated design gearbox. 'Cose I don't really like AKs, the only other choice is m110/sr25, that I like much more. However it's a niche product and the most consistent producers (G&G, Ares and G&P) produce standard v.2 models, so they are out. Remains A&K's Sr25/Sr25k or Classic Army's M110. Sr25k A&K for 250€ features: Low resistance wiring - 6mm bushings gearbox - Bore-Up Air-Kit with type 0 elongated cylinder - URX 10" Ras m110 Classic Army for 350€: Low resistance wiring - inline mosfet - 9mm bearing gearbox - standard air kit with ported elongated cylinder - 6.03 tight bore barrel - keymod 13" Ras However the replica is going to be heavly upgraded, but what's the most reliable/ best to experiment? Thx
  4. I checked on the majority of the video reviews on youtube that show the gearbox open and it seems that the modify comes already with the in-house aftermarket parts as alluminium cylinder head, alluminium cylinder, alluminium piston head with bearing, withe piston with 7steel teeths and torus tapped plate. However I'm pretty sure that don't uses a m4 air nozzle (is longer) and an elongated hopup unit due to the shorter gearbox, that misses the rear part. I saw a 3 fps to 15 fps variance trough video chrono tests, is it good for a stock high-end rifle ?? thx one more time!
  5. Thx for you reply! I'm currently (form 6 months) running an Knight AR15 -like rifle that I build from scratch with some spare parts...and then upgraded it.. not the best from a parts-matching standpoint, but gets the job done. It's a long and heavy rifle, I would like something more mobile, without getting to a stubby or short one like a M7A1. Moreover I would like to buy finally an high-end rifle, with great build quality / parts paring. I really enjoy single shooting and finally I learned (as it seems) that a 365mm inner barrel shoot as far / accurately as a 509mm assuming the same bore and quality, what's really matters for precision seems to be shoot-to-shoot consistency, that I assume to gain through a high-end rifle and some light modding (if necessary). Thus the question, which is better? Modify or Vfc? From an "Internas" standpoint, modify is basically pre-upgraded with all modify aftermarket stuff. VFC on the other hand has is stock parts that - could - be further upgraded (with magic box parts maybe), but they already have a good quality. As I said Modify appeal me more aestetically (for the billet-style reciever), and has a real quick spring change system (which raises some doubts for consistency due to gearbox stabilization for the lack of the rear screw, but from youtube videos seems that shoots within 3fps range variation). The saber I was talking about was the VR16 (not Avalon) Saber Carbine AEG M4 Rifle 2016 model (with the qrs mag)... it seems that has the quick spring change feature, but I ignore if is possible to access it direclty from the stock tube. What company do you enjoy/trust the most? + Whad do you think about the new series of Classic Army M110 10" Keymod? I would also like it to do a Joule Creep Build (for the elongated cylinder). Thank you!
  6. Hello! I'm trying to choose between those two rifles.. I'm really into the Modify for externals (millet style receiver) and the super quick spring change feature, but I'm concerned about the hop-up and air nozzle design (is it proprietary?), the 6.10 brass inner barrel, consistency with a not-rear-locked-gearbox and unusual gear set (m4/m14). On the other hand vfc has wellknown quality control and build quality, has product assistance in my country. Saber model has also quick spring change feature, but I can't figure out if is accessible from the stock tube, and I heard that stock cylinder and piston head need replacing for better performance and consistency. Same goes for the high speed motor with high speed gears. Btw I'm looking for a very consistent replica for some quality semi-auto shooting and occasional full auto suppression fire, what do you suggest!?do you have any experience with those? From a cost standpoint they cost exactly the same. Last but not least I would also enjoy a CA M110 for a joule creep "cheat" build... but I'm cocerned always with CA consistency. Thx!
  7. hi! I'm going to start a JC build on my m16a1 soon and I would appreciate some advices: 1. Barrel Lenght: to achieve good amount of JC, reducing the barrel lenght (while increasing the bb weight) it's mandatory, but 'cose this isn't a science fair experiment but a pratical build, I'm concerned with the possible shortness of the barrel. Are 200mm -ish barrels inaccurate? I would use this build as drm so accuracy and range are #1 priority, I would be dissappointed if using heavy bb with a short barrel, I would have worse acuracy then with a no-jc build with a longer barrel and mid-weight bb. 2. Bore-Up Set: Air Volume it's another key features for JC, however I can't afford a long-cylinder AEG at the moment to have those extra cm2. So to maximixe Air Volume I should go with a Bore-up (I guess). Is it worth the price (60€ for a Modify)? There is any counterindication (I'm going to use m120-m130 springs)? 3. Outer Barrel/Inner Barrel: I actually use a sr25-like outer barrel with a prometheus 507x6.03mm barrel. Even with a short barrel 300-200-100mm I'd like to continue using this outer barrel, for a cost and esthetical standpoint. but I'm concerned by the air that could not escape and could form some kind of turbolences, thus instabilizing the bb and/or the bb touching and richoreting inside the outer barrel bore for the hopup effect. what do you suggest? should I make holes into the outer barrel to make the air escape? Should I shorten the outer (or buy a shorter one) to free the bb trajectory with the spin?
  8. Hi! I'm starting a new project and I would like to make a good dmr/longrange AEG, because where I live there are different fps limitation, changing site to site despite the kind of the field ( woodland fields can have 500fps to 400 fps, on the owner bias), so I was looking for some quick fps change AEG... I found noting from the full fledged brands (like VFC, BO etc), but there are the Ares Amoeba and the Specna Arms SAEC with detachable spring guide . The former however has a bad reputation about the intregrated mosfet-Elettronic Trigger that fries itself, so I opted for the latter. Surfing the internet I found that Specna is a low-ish cost brand from HK, so I'm a little worried about the build quality of the AEG. Most reviws on the net are enthusiast about specna but I have small faith in reviews from who sell the product itself, or recieve gift from who sell its ;) . In particular I'm worried the fitting/paring/alignment of the upper and lower reciever, Gearbox and HoupUnit and the gearbox shell itselfs. Yes, maybe I'm asking too much from a chinese AEG. However notice that I'm going to buy the SAEC series that's should be the best one by Specna. The stock internals aren't an issue because I'm going to replace almost everything [Prometheus Barrel, Prom HopUp chamber and bucking, piston piston head cylinder cylinder head nozzle gears and motor, LOL] I just need the quick fps change feature on the rifle, and due to the DMR purpose I don't want that the weak link of the chain is what I really want from specna. On the other hand I foud the SAT Variable Velocity Device that could work wonders on a high quality AEG, but I read many bad reviews about fps consistency (= bad for accuracy) from shot to shot and volume balancing (I'll use a long barrel so it could be an issue). SO.... what's your hopinion about Specna Arms and the VVD? waht do you suggest? Thx!
  9. Whoa I didn't know it! Can I do it even with the optic or it's just a (magnified) red dot / only acog thing? Btw I found royal acogs that haven't the illuminated dot/crosshair...should they do the trick anyway?
  10. Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my p90 with a longer miracle barrel (407mm) for a dmr-like build to better fit my role of scout. Now, going for medium to long range kill (I play with the maxium of 1j, so a long range kill tops at 50-60m) I'm having some trouble in recognizing and pointing the objective with my old 1x44 royal red dot. I'm thinking about some alternative, but I need to cover all the bases (possibly) for long and medium (and short) shots. Here is what I found: 1. Royal optic 1,5-4,5X32 with parallax adj. and illuminated mil-dot 2. Royal Red dot 2X42 3. Royal M2 red dot or element 551 eotech holosight with x3 flip up magnifier. Cons: 1. Can't aim with both eyes open, narrow fow, slow to go in aiming position (eye allignment). 2. Can I aim with both eyes to increase fow? Long tube dot (lowish-fow), x2 could be too much for short range and too low for long. 3. Price of the set up is x2 of the optic, x3 of the other dot. What do you'd suggest to me? Any other options? Am I missing/mistaking anything? Thx for your help
  11. LOL I'm doing that 'cose I really like the platform, as I said , for ergonomics, bullpup, weight and shape and I want it to mod it to serve the gameplay that I like the most. But I understand also that within the legal restrictions of my country is difficult to pull off a real dmr, because of that I'm trying to collect every tiny bit of cosistency, range increase, accuracy increase etc. to have an overall discrete gain. For the airsoft trajectory project the maximum effective range for 1j and .25g is 100ft. I think that's a teorical average and not a practical maximum, so I'm looking to stretch it to 160-180ft with a good accuracy (human body target at maximum range of course). Do you think I'm overestimating the possible gains? Can I do better? My question are: 1. Seems general consensus that 455mm is the most accurate length. Is this true or is an obsolete belief? 2. In airsoftsniperforum they talk about barrel bore related to engagement distance: 6.01 cqb, 6.03 medium range, 6.05 medium to long, 6,1 and over for long range, while 6.06 miracle barrels are a catch all solution. Which do you think it is the best barrel bore in term of accuracy (tighter groupings) and/or range increase in my case? What's your position on miracle barrels? 3. The airsoft trajectory project writes that .25g bb are the best with 1j energy, do you think it's right or do you suggest a heavier bb weight with the help of a particular hopup design/brand? 4. Flat hop or Zhop (even EZ hop..but is too risky for the barrel?) or maple leaf stock bucking?(I assume flat nub is defoult) 5.p90 has an offset nozzle cylinder head, and this could imply some sort of vortex in air while compressing. I found asg ultimate v6 cylinder head with a "trumpet design"that should ease airflow, do you think that's just marketing thing (and I can just use a modify double or head) or it could have some benefit? Thx for reading all this stuff, and helping me. As always I'm open to any sort of advice
  12. Yhea maybe "accurize" is the right word, althrough I mean to use it in semiauto that have some of dmr flavor, isn't it? What quality inner barrel do you suggest? Miracle barrels 6.06 or promheteus 6.03? Is 6.01 off the table or is still a valid choice for 50mt range? Last but not least, 430 or 455mm lenght have better accuracy over the stock 247mm? THX for your patience and sorry for the ask-cascade Edit: I have also the chance to buy an orga Leox 6.05 or an orga magnus HD 6.13 (could an m110 fulfill the 1j standard?)
  13. THX for your reply, I understand that's a very low power compared with 500fps stadards elsewhere, but I would really prefere focus on high accuracy and a slight outranging (compared to other rifles of the same power), instead of make it a bb spitting machine (High rof). I'll already planned the majority of "FPS" upgrades to reach the maximum allowed, I think they are pretty strightforward, but I was struggling on "finesse" ones. Bonus question: I read that also with bore up kits and very strong springs, large bore orga (.23 I guess) barrels don't work well for aeg..is this true? Do you advise me against a orga barrel?
  14. HI! I'm really enjoing my current stock TM P90, but I want to mod it to a dmr-like one 'cose I really like the bullup desing, lightness and ergonomics. So, I'm asking some advice about how to do it. Please notice that I play in Italy where the maximum power is 1J or about 330fps with 0.2g bb. First: the barrel. How Long? I read somewhere (multiple times) that 455mm is the most precise legnth, is it right? Sizing the cylinder to the barrel is not a problem, so what lenght do you suggest to me? BTW, I'm planning to hide it with a CA HK51 (A077M) External Barrel if it is too long, or a Madbull PS90 (MBPS90) ext. barrel replica if shorter. Which Bore and brand? I really don't know what to do here... 6.01 PDI Raven Tightbore, Prometheus 6.03 Tightbore, MagicBox 6.06 Miraclebarrel or Orga Magnus 6.13/6.23 widebore?? Plase help! Which is the best for range and accuracy in your hopinion? Side question: I heard that AEG have some trouble with widebores like Magnus' ones... how do I overcome it? a stronger spring? a bore-up air kit? what else? Second: Hop-up I read many times that TM chamber is the best one.. so I guess I'll don't need a pro win one, what do you think about? For the bucking I'm going for a maple leaf, do you wish to suggest me another one? what nub I shoul use with it? Third: Cylinder Head I was thinking that the v.6 offset nozzle on the cylinder head will cause some sort of vortex or inconstinstency with air compression, compared with v3-v2 centred one... do you know something to overcome it? I found an interesting ASG V.6 Ultimate Cylinder Head with a sort of "Thrumpet Desing" that "optimize" Airflow... do you have any experience with this part? I can't really choose between the Ultimate and the Modify Cylinder Head. Thx for reading! please help me, I'm anxious to read your suggestions!
  15. 7h39

    Hi from Italy

    Hi everyone! I'm from Italy, I really apprieciate this comunity and I hope to learn more about airsoft now! I run a TM P90 tr, I love it (excluding mags). cya!
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