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  1. True but it seems by the reviews that this seems to be a decent part, I don't need any crazy upgrade as I am on a very tight budget I simply want my gun to work again so I can get back into airsoft without dropping over a hundred dollars.
  2. Okay alberty thanks! Do you think the item I linked above would work as a replacement?
  3. Thanks everyone for the reply the issue I notice right away is one of the places where the trigger box is held down (one of the holes that a screw goes into) is cracked on the trigger box. It still allows you to screw it down but seems to be a little lose does that sound like it is the issue?
  4. http://www.pyramydair.com/s/a/Metal_Trigger_Box_Assembly_for_Type_96_Sniper_Rifles/3391 here is a link to the trigger box I am thinking about buying. It seems like it would be a slight upgrade since it is metal and it would make my gun work again.
  5. The new box is only 30 dollars, where the bar would be slightly over a hundred. I'm on a pretty tight budget so if that should fix I think I might just stick with what I have for now. Thank you for the help and recommendation.
  6. Hello, I am new to the forum and would really like some advice from some more knowledgeable airsoft players. I have a UTG L96 Sniper rifle that seems to have broken over night. The bolt simply will not stay back. You can pull the bolt move it, but it just springs forward. Is this related to a damaged trigger box? Would replacing it with a metal one fix the problem or could there be somethings completely different causing this issue? Thanks for the help!
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