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  1. I mean blowback aeg I got it for $150. Also to get inside all you do is pop out the front pin push up on the dust cover and pull back on the charging handle and the front slides right off. About the barrels you can just get an m4 with a pretty long barrel and add a mock suppressor onto it and buy a much better and longer inner barrel for it. Scar L's come with a folding stock and a pretty big stock as well and is similar in style to the m4. *bought the gun of someone*
  2. Well my front pin is made where it never comes out and back you have to have a hex key to unscrew it to get it out so it isn't a problem for me, they can also be replaced. Like you said about the charging handle where you can pull the spring I disagree. On mine the charging handle spring is detachable from the handle and attaches to a blowback system in my gun so it's perfectly fine and will not break . As a statement to a beginner I was saying it's tricky to take apart a gearbox but yes "once you get the hang of it" yo should be good however I wouldn't be randomly taking the gearbox apart as a beginner.
  3. Instead of getting an "AK or FAL" styled guns just get a beginners beginner weapon. For a beginner, you should just get something along the lines of an m4 that can be handled and internals taken apart and or replaced easily. Some of the airsoft guns along the lines an m4 can have stocks that have a block styled battery and butterfly styled opening for you so you have more of a choice. The internals is easy to take apart however the gearbox can be tricky if you don't know how to open it and replace the internals of it. Plus the rails give you more customizability.
  4. Horizon 1 is an airsoft team started in 2016, we are looking for more members that can meet our requirements, expectations, and can also have a fun time. If you want to join and meet these requirements please contact Sycniverse. Email: Sycniverse<AT>gmail.com Kik: Sycnvierse Requirements Devote some of your time to the team and airsoft Own gear and guns that isn't trash Ways of transport 15 or older Try to meet up with the team at fields Expectations Commitment Communication Leadership Training Honesty Fields Area 41 Black Tiger Airsoft DV8 Combat City Member Count: 4
  5. One thing... please don't abuse the hpa system... thank you
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