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  1. Wow thanks, this is completely new information I have. I always thought FPS=Range, but then this comes back to my main Q. cause I do notice I have a bad hopup chamber in my sniper(some stuff are not working.) can I replace with another hopup chamber for L96 even though it was meant for Well L96? Huge thanks by the way
  2. The idea which I have due to I'm just new to airsoft guns. I just bought a E&C china manufacture L96 sniper spring gun, which I am not so satisfy with the effective range nor the FPS it gives. the main quation here is that I have been through checking alot of L96 guns that is manufacture by different company, example : Well L96, and others. which has exacly the same internal structure as all other manufacture. because my gun only produce 460-480 FPS which it is just nearly the same as a common assault rifle power, I am deciding that is it possible I use the Well L96 upgrade kit(Spring, and other internal that significant boost FPS and range.)which can get my gun to 550FPS and would it be compatible with my E&C L96? and is it possible that someone can provide a effective range on certain FPS?
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