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  1. So that's why they couldn't male the Taurus PT99 look exactly like the firearm version... dam. I didn't even think licensing and copyright had anything to do with it; I just assumed that it protects the owners from people mistaking them for real guns.
  2. Hi guys, So I was wondering... when airsoft gun factories create their guns and replicate them, do they, for legal purposes, make minor little differences? I threw in the "legal purposes" because I figure that that's why they do it that way. I own (latest purchased to first owned): WE m92 green gas blowback pistol (chrome) Crosman/Phantom p10/c11 co2 (black version that shoots 480fps) Crosman c11 co2 (clear version) I would like to own a Taurus PT99 c02 pistol. When I order me one, I was planning on polishing it to a silver mirrored gloss so it can look like this. That gun is really a beauty to look at and unfortunately that was the best picture I could find of it. I would like to have a gun like that except I don't want an actual firearm. Also, the co2 mag for the pt99 looks kind of stupid in my opinion with the way it sticks out the bottom of the pistol; I like the flat end look better but ah well... it's all good. Just wondering what their legal standpoint was when making replica air pistols.
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