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  1. Some friends and I have been slowly building an indoor CQB Airsoft facility. Everyone got tired of driving to Tacoma, WA every weekend so we decided to help our friends build this place up north. We still have a ton of work to do, but this "Alpha Testing" footage was a great way to get a feel for what we need to do to this place. Part 1 Part 2 If you liked those, I have 2 other airsoft videos on my channel too. Edit: looks like YouTube videos don't automatically embed, lemme know if I'm doing it wrong so I can fix it
  2. The nozzle mates to the hop up perfectly, I did the tiny piece of paper test described in the write up in the link I posted and tests good. I took everything apart and tested everything individually again. Turns out that I didn't test the compression with the new nozzle I replaced. The new nozzle leaks past the o-ring between the cylinder head and nozzle... I thought the new one with o-ring would have solved the issue. It leaks when in the gearbox with the tappet plate installed, but holds the seal intermittently when I test it in my hand outside the gearbox with nozzle but without the tappet. Maybe the tappet is pushing the nozzle upwards and creating a gap in the o-ring seal allowing air to leak due to tolerance mismatches? I did previously sand the front of my tappet to allow the nozzle to push further forward re insuring a good seal, I also cut a coil off the tappet spring so it would seal harder. Could this be part of the issue? These are the specific parts I'm using currently Nozzle: http://www.evike.com/products/27079/ Cylinder Head: http://www.evike.com/products/35206/ Do you have any suggestions on nozzle/cylinder head combos that have known good air seal? I feel like this is the next step now...
  3. Long story short, I have a G36C that won't shoot .20's over 360fps. In fact, it ranges from 320-360fps using any spring over M120. I've tested up to an M150 spring, same results. AND as far as I know, everything is sealed perfectly. Tested everything with the help of http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/222834-how-to-test-for-compression-leaks-necro-exempt/ Could this issue be due to the 3/4 ported cylinder installed + 1/4" Sorbo for AoE correction + 247mm stock g36c barrel length? My overall goal is consistency just under 400fps. The thing is already fully built and has pre cocking now and has the best trigger response I've ever felt in an AEG. I'm so excited to finally use it but the range just needs to be a little further. Help!
  4. I understand that, but my friend's kwa co2 1911 had such a good kick I fell in love. And I see they also have an m&p 9 I think, which I already have a holster for since I have a Vfc m&p9 gas gun... Which had already dropped to 175-200fps. I got it back up to 275ish with cleaning and re-lubricating the piston & cylinder with a more viscous silicone oil (RC Differential fluid), but the bucking is a little too soft causing possible leaks through it (replaced with softer bucking to fix the 1st 2 shots Hop up failure problem). It's also too short to really add anything to help it seal better. I love the M&P 9/40 pistols, but there doesn't seem to be a reliable one out of the box in the market... At least that I know of. 😕
  5. Eh, I do not like AKs. I already have a kwa g36c, did some upgrades I probably should have just left alone, didn't correct AoE.... A new gearset and gearbox and everything else later I now have a gun that is super quiet, has precocking, etc etc. I learned a valuable lesson through all of this and gained some tech skills as well haha! As for my Krytac Trident PDW, I've only swapped the spring for a m90 to make legal for full auto at The Airsoft Center where I play cqb often. M90 Spring I use a 7.4v and whatever the stock spring is I use an 11.1v. M90 w/ 11.1v caused problems feeding and over cycling. Next gun will be a CO2 pistol, and a the licensed FN SCAR-H gbbr for milsims.
  6. I've already learned a ton, and played multiple games. So I realize now the noob move I was making for high fps. I assume this is typical haha. Got a kwa g36c elite, and krytac trident pdw for CQB. Also I'm half Filipino half Puerto Rican, barely counts as Asian in my book haha. I grew up in Japan because I'm a military brat.
  7. Thanks! It is the bucking, it's the only spot there's a leak at. I'll probably end up trying to Teflon tape it as it's too thin to use floss...
  8. I have a VFC/Cybergun M&P9 gbb. It used to shoot at 300fps, now it's at 200-218fps. Any clue on what might be going on? It's the same with green gas or propane, and I have 5 mags, they all shoot the same.
  9. For those that would like a brief video lesson in limited penetration entry
  10. Hey guys, I'm James Nater! I've owned many pull spring style Tokyo Maruis growing up in Japan, but only ever plinked at green army men with friends (I was probably only 13yrs old at the time). Now I'm 28 and can afford the "good" guns and have started going to Field and/or CQB pick up games. Glad this site is back up finally and can properly introduce myself to the community! Happy to be here, excited to learn more from all of you, and hoping I can help contribute info/insight in the future. I'm an Aviation Interiors Field Technician. I travel for work sometimes so hopefully I can check out places to play all over the world! Other things I'm into: Rock Climbing Snowboarding Skateboarding Longboarding Skimboarding Surfing (Mtn)Biking Hiking Playing Guitar Playing Bass DJing(scratch) Composing beats & instrumentals Nerd stuff Science Mechanic stuff Guns (real steel) Filming stuff and editing videos Creative Media Cars Motorcycles Video Games All things Japan (I grew up there)
  11. Someone make a thread on rebranded parts and accessories? So we can all benefit from buying direct from the source... Someone's got to know who makes what and where it all comes from.
  12. I bought this http://www.evike.com/products/59236/ tracer unit recently and after about 200 shots it stopped working. Now it only flashes once when the unit is turned on. It's relatively easy to take apart, but I don't know how to diagnose the problem. Any inputs? (For now I'm took the internals out and am using it as a mock suppressor, and it actually dampens the pop w/o foam!)
  13. Can v3 cnc'd metal hop up chambers work with KWA guns so long as you replace the nozzle too? I just need to know if there is an immediate replacement available in case it breaks.
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