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  1. Hi, I bought an aftermarket rail to put onto my Elite Force 4crs, but I can't seem to remove the stock rail. I took off the flash hider and gas block, and unscrewed the two grub screws on the bottom of the rail, but it just won't come off. Does anyone know how to remove it? -- Just to add on, my outer barrel is lose on the gun aswell so I need to take the rail off to tighten that along with installing the new rail.
  2. I can include a video of the sounds if it would help solve/diagnose the issue.
  3. Is the gun safe to use for now? I plan on going to a game at my local field in a couple days.
  4. I will check that later. Also to clarify the gun seems to sound fine on semi auto but on full auto is when it really makes the noise.
  5. It doesn't sound whiny or screechy but it does sound like a louder impact from the piston.
  6. Hello! I own a generation 3 Elite Force 4CRS. I have had the gun for about 4 months, and it preforms very well. I have upgraded the hopup bucking to a maple leaf 75 degree bucking, and it shoots like a dream. Recently though, the gun has been functioning oddly. The gun still shoots fine, but the gear box is now very loud and does not sound very good at all. It is not the motor height, I have it adjusted correctly. Anyone know if this is something to be concerned about or if the gun is fine?
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