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  1. Looking for some cool ideas for a callsign (code name/ coms name).
  2. Well if you think about inertia even though a .30 BB might not have as high fps as say a .12 or a .20 at the muzzle, it is able to sustain it's velocity better because it has more mass and momentum where as the .12 or .20 will lose it's speed at a faster rate. Thus even though lower weight BBS have higher muzzle velocity a higher weight BB will be faster at say 25 plus yards so it realy depends on the distance involved. inertia is the resistance for an object to have a change in acceleration/velocity so if you shoot someone with a heaver BB the bullet with require more resistance to be stopped so in essence yes it would have a harder punch. But there are many variables such as the fps of your air soft gun, the heavier rounds will require higher power guns to really get them going, this is again do to inertia and since it has more mass it will give greater resistance to a change in velocity. Thus it will be a very weak punch if it is shot with say a low fps cheap springer because it simply will not have enough speed to hurt, and to get a heaver punch it must share both good speed and enough mass. Good luck, Josh.
  3. I understand that it just kinda bothered me that is has 24 views and 1 reply
  4. This is my first post so sorry if I messed up at anything. I've been looking for a fairly priced, good m4 and I found these two, G&G MOD0 carbine: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=16837 Apex m4: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=19619 This will be my first AEG purchase and im looking to get it right the first time, there is a sale and everything is 23% of until june 15th. So I need to make my decision before then. I am looking to do outdoors play, not in buildings. My number one concern is that the G&G has a polymer reciever and it does not state the barrel diameter, hopefully it is 6.03mm but I just don't know. I've also heard allot of good things about G&G, and some not so good things about Apex. Please don't just state which is better in you're opinion, please also state why and maybe some details. All imputes are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joshua.
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