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  1. I played with him last week as he runs a local field. He just got a sniper and is wanting to to sell his old build to pay for a gtx1080. I also shot it, and it seemed more than fine. He is a very trustworthy guy. So what do you think? Can I push 500 fps with a red nozzle and that 500 mm promethius barrel, with rhop
  2. I've got a a friend that is selling this Prowin blue hop up, with blue bucking, 6.03 madbull black python tight bore barrel, Mission First tactical battlelink minalimist stock, angled foregrip, Custom silencer. Polar star v2. gen3. VFC M4 Can I put the polar star into the Krytac spr?? What othe mods would I have to do to get 500 fps accurately?
  3. I completely agree! I am definitely in between them at the moment. I like your signature, lol I just want something that is both good looking and badass, I just really like the way that Krytac looks lol
  4. Yeah I was reading some posts of his.. Def seems like the Krytac man to speak to. M150 seems a bit much, however my goal is still around 500 fps so maybe an m135 or m140. They do seem to have very well built gear boxes. Maybe 500 mm Prometheus?? There's a lot of talk about one piece cylinders for the best compression. After days of reading up, I think I'm starting to understand a little more. It seems to be a bit of trial and error on builds, with multiple things being accounted for.
  5. I know it's a lot to ask but using that m4 and the mock suppressor what parts would you replace for an accurate 500 fps dmr?
  6. Ok so a different gear box and guts, and what gears would you recommend.
  7. Thanks for your quick reply. Is the barrel too long because of the outer barrel? Also you said maple leaf bucking, what degree would you recommend? So having both a high torque motor and gears wont help it last longer?
  8. First off it's a pleasure to be here in this outstanding community! So this will my first major build. Any tips or do and donts are very much welcomed. Evike ID's 51267 Infinity Core Hydra 7" Mock suppressor 44769 Angel Custom Ultimate Upgrade High Performance AEG cylinder set 29962 Prometheus Reinforced Double Torque aeg gear set 63125 Krytac trident spr-wolf grey 61986 Angel Custom 590mm 6.01 tightbore with rhop installed 39849 Matrix spring guide 41035 Matrix silica aeg hopup bucking 37037 G&P M180S Satan High Performance aeg motor 33191 Modify quantum piston with titanium coated metal teeth 30636 Guarder m150 Thanks for looking everyone!! =)
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