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  1. the golden ball bbs are terrible
  2. I sometimes go to my local paintball place and I just bring a sweatshirt and some pants. I rent all the pther stuff there like a gun facemask and buy some ammo. The paintballs hurt more than airsoft bbs but you will be fine
  3. I have had my combat machine for over 1.5 years and I want to see if I could uograde it. Im looking o make it hit a little harder. and sudggestions on upgradeds?
  4. http://www.evike.com/products/43585/ This shotgun looks cool but im sure it has :pain: internals.. probably going to ask for this just to mess around with friendns with
  5. I have been wanting an airsift shotgun for awhile and I thought I would ask for some of your opinions before I buy one. My birthday is coming up and I want to ask for a airsoft shotgun preferably with.. It NEEDS to be trishot Decent range pump or electric or gas ( idc) I live in MA and play on an outdoor field in the woods. Also fool around with m friends in the woods A budget would be around $ 100-150 Materials don't matter to me as long as its not crap so polymer and metal Thanks so much hope this is enogh info
  6. alright.. sorry thanks for staying with me. I am thinking of a scope with a little zoom. Preferably without any eye relief I play in the woods in MA As u know I am going to be usng it on a dmr. I was thinking something like this http://www.evike.com/products/27654 Im trying my best to help you help me. thanks for the help so far
  7. Alright I will take your word for it. thanks for the advice and tips.
  8. ai know what it says I have read other comments and on the video attached it shoot 350- 380
  9. do you have any companies that you could recomend. I just need a little push because I don't know anything about airsoft sights. thanks
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