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  1. So I have been teching on guns for a few years on and off. I think I'm finally ready for my first DSG build. My goal is about 50ish RPS at 320 FPS. Parts List siegetek DSG G&G Spur 18:1 SHS Bevel SHS pinion SHS HT Motor G&G Shell (with ARL reset) SHS Trigger Contacts G&G Trigger SHS Piston (Swiss Cheesed) SHS m170 Unknown Ball Bearing Spring Guide SHS Aluminum Piston Head(Changing this) ZCI Cylinder SHS cylinder head Unknown Tappet(Might be G&G) Unknown Air Nozzle Steel Cut Off Lever 1800 Mah 75C 11.1V Custom 150000 Mah 35C 11.1V (Buying Single cells and building it) I've done a preliminary build and I'm getting 47ish RPS and 270 FPS What can I do to get my gun to my goal thanks guys
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